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Doug Walker

YouTube Personality, Actor, Comedian, Film Critic
Doug Walker’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $201.1 Million
Industry: YouTubers
Residence: Naples, Italy
Country: Italian
BirthDay: 17 November 1981
Height: 1.79 meter
Education: Northern Illinois University

Doug Walker was bornon 17 November 1981 in Naples, Italy, Italian, is YouTube Personality, Actor, Comedian, Film Critic. Doug Walker is popularly known in social media as “That Guy WithThe Glasses”. He is a film reviewer, critic, comedian, actor and internet celebrity and is famous among his fans for “Nostalgia Critic” web series which was launched on YouTube in 2007. He created, directed, edited and performed in the videos of the web series. Doug, acting as the imaginary character “Nostalgia Critic”, started to satirically criticize the movies from his childhood and also the present times and presents an analysis of the subject of the story with his justifications. In his video, he criticises and ridicules feature and animated films and serials with his humour bashings, bitter comments and mockery for those which he finds to be badly written, poorly scripted and amateurishly acted. The web series also showcases many “Top 11 Countdown” segments and features a series of “Old vs. New” sections where Doug Walker compares popular films like Batman, Cinderella, Chocolate Factory, True Grit, Spider-Man with their new remakes. He is famous for his sarcastic reviews, insult comedy, surreal humour, black comedy, off- colour humour, parody and deadpan. He is one of the founders and runners of the production company Channel Awesome.


$201.1 Million

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