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Donald Sutherland

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Net worth 2018: $60 Million
Residence: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Country: Canadian
BirthDay: 17 July 1935
Sigh: Leo
Height: 1.93 m
Education: University of Toronto, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Donald Sutherland was bornon 17 July 1935 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, Canadian, is Actor. Donald Sutherland is a renowned Canadian actor, best known for his roles in ‘The Dirty Dozen’, ‘M A SH’ and ‘Klute’. He was weak as a child but became academically competent as he grew up. Before becoming an actor he qualified as an engineer as well as acquired a degree in drama. As he matured, he chose to take up drama and abandoned engineering. He began his career with several different jobs, including that of a radio DJ, before he became a full-fledged actor. He has worked in over 200 shows and films over the past 60 odd years. He has made a lasting legacy on Hollywood; be it portraying a vicious villain, dashing hero or man with character. He is known for his towering height and macho looks. 6’ 4’’, blond hair, bold blue eyes, slender frame (more often than not supporting a beard) and an offbeat grin with a rich voice gave him the trademark that paved the way to success. Donald has five children, including the famous actor Kiefer Sutherland, from three marriages that all ended in divorce. Rachel, Kiefer’s twin sister also works in the film industry as a post-production supervisor.


$60 Million


‘Ordinary People’ (1980) featured him with Robert Redford as an older father figure who has to deal with his children in an emotional drama


He had a near death experience in 1979 when he suffered from meningitis


He even took on a dubbed (uncredited) role for William Devlin in the film ‘The Shuttered Room’ in 1976 and provided the mechanical voice for the eponymous ‘Brain’


In 1972 he married actress Francine Racette with whom he had three sons Rossif, Angus and Roeg


He acted in ‘Klute’ in 1971 which made Jane Fonda a star for her role in the movie about a prostitute whose friend is a mysterious murderer


Throughout the 1970’s he found himself playing the lead role in a variety of movies, such as the psychological horror movie ‘Don’t Look Now’, ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ and thriller, ‘Eye of the Needle’


In 1968 he got a break with the super hit war movie, ‘The Dirty Dozen’, in which Sutherland had a small but significant role


Major landmark movies are; ‘The Dirty Dozen’ (1967), MASH (1970), ‘Klute’ (1971), ‘Animal House’ (1978), ‘Ordinary People’ (1980), ‘JFK’ (1991) ’Baffy the Vampire Slayer’ (1992), ‘Citizen X’ (1995), ‘Space Cowboys’ (2000), ‘Path of War’ (2002), ‘The Italian Job’ (2003) and ‘The Eagle’ (2011)


After his first divorce he married actress Shirley Douglas in 1966


He featured alongside Christopher Lee in the horror film ‘Castle of the Living Dead’ in 1964 and appeared in the BBC play ‘Oswald Assassin’ in 1966


In the mid 1960’s he began getting small roles in British films and TV shows such as ‘The Saint’ and ‘Court Martial’


They got married in 1959 and divorced seven years later, without any children


He undertook various jobs till he took up dramatics seriously and moved to England to join the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art from 1958 to 1960


Donald Sutherland was born on 17 July 1935 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, to Dorothy Isobel (Mc Nichol) and Frederick Mc Lea Sutherland

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