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Desiderius Erasmus

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Net worth 2018: $700,000
Industry: Theologians
Residence: Rotterdam
Country: Dutch
BirthDay: 27 October 1466
Sigh: Scorpio
Died On: July 12, 1536
Education: University of Turin, Collège de Montaigu

Desiderius Erasmus was bornon 27 October 1466 in Rotterdam, Dutch, is Theologian. Desiderius Erasmus was a Dutch Renaissance humanist, theologian and teacher who became a leading figure of the early humanist movement. Counted amongst the most controversial early Renaissance figures, Erasmus all through his life worked for a middle way between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Born against the backdrop of the growing European religious Reformation, Erasmus was a lifelong member of the Roman Catholic Church. He had a deep-seated respect for traditional faith and grace and believed in the authority of the Pope. However, he was critical of the abuses within the Church and its clergy's weaknesses and vowed to reform the same from within. Erasmus lived life of a classical independent scholar. Using his humanist touch, he penned several editions of the New Testament in Latin and Greek, which in turn led to the Protestant Reformation and Catholic-Counter Reformation. Throughout his life, Erasmus was offered many academic positions of honor worldwide but he declined them all, preferring the uncertain but sufficient rewards of independent literary activity.


To mark his contribution, a bronze statue of Erasmus was erected in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1622


He died on 12 July 1536, from an attack of dysentery during a visit to Basel


In 1516, Erasmus came up with his magnum opus, ‘Novum instrumentum omne’ which was a heavily explained edition of the New Testament


Impoverished state of being forced him to take up a monastery life in 1492


A brilliantly talented student, Erasmus’s academic career was abruptly cut short after a plague epidemic killed both his parents in 1483


Desiderius Erasmus was born on October 27, 1466 in Rotterdam, Netherlands to Gerard, a Catholic priest and Margaretha Rogerius

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