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Daniel Ortega

President of Nicaragua
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Net worth 2018: $50 Million
Industry: Presidents
Residence: La Libertad
Country: Nicaraguan
BirthDay: 11 November 1945
Education: Central American University

Daniel Ortega was bornon 11 November 1945 in La Libertad, Nicaraguan, is President of Nicaragua. Daniel Ortega is best known for being the long-time president of the Central American nation of Nicaragua. Born in a remote village, Ortega was raised by his activist parents. After his father saw action in a civil war, he and his wife became adamantly opposed to the ruling dictator. Although Daniel's mother was arrested on political charges, he joined the protest movement while in his young teens and was soon arrested himself. Daniel became radicalized while in prison and became persuaded to participate in a bank robbery, to finance the revolutionary guerillas. After a political deal secured his liberty, he immediately returned to his revolutionary group, and after a protracted struggle, managed to overthrow the government. Leading a ruling junta, Ortega soon consolidated his grip on the country, and quickly implemented diverse social reforms. As foreign powers tried to overthrow him by financing armed resistance groups in neighboring countries, Ortega maintained a steady hand on his country for one term in office but then subsequently faded to the background of Nicaraguan politics for the next decade. Returning from the ashes, his party swept to victory and Ortega now comfortably holds the reins of power in his country. Although the global political climate has changed since his first term in office, Ortega continues to stubbornly lead his country on an independent path, away from undue influence from neighboring superpowers


$50 Million


In 2014, Ortega's government unveiled an ambitious plan to build an inter-ocean canal across the country


In 2011, he was re-elected as president, winning a landslide victory after garnering 62% of the popular vote


This famous politician famously blamed the 2008 economic recession in America as God's punishment to the country, for a long history of interference in the affairs of Latin American countries


In 2006, he began maneuvering the FSLN to a hardline pro-Catholic ideology, supporting legislation to ban all abortions in the country


In 2005, he had to re-marry his wife in order for his marriage to be recognized by the Catholic Church


In 1998, Ortega's adopted stepdaughter ZoilaméricaNarváez made public a lengthy report,which detailed systematic sexual abuse accusations against Ortega that allegedly continued for over a decade


In 1996, he ran for president and was defeated by Arnoldo Aleman


In 1990, Ortega competed for re-election against Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, his former colleague from the ruling five-person junta


In late 1984, presidential elections were held and he was swept to victory, garnering 67% of the popular vote


American President Ronald Reagan accused the FSLN of fomenting Marxist revolutions in various countries in Latin America, including El Salvador,in 1981


When the FSLN overthrew the government in July 1979, he became one member of a five-person junta


In 1974, Ortega and other FSLN members were released from incarceration in a swap for hostages that his group held


In 1967, Ortega was arrested and convicted of armed robbery after he participated in a heist at a branch of ‘Bank of America’


José Daniel Ortega Saavedra was born on November 11, 1945 in La Libertad, Nicaragua

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