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Daniel Burnham

Architect, Urban Designer
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Net worth 2018: Under Review
Industry: Architects
Residence: Henderson
Country: United States
BirthDay: 4 September 1846
Sigh: Libra
Died On: June 1, 1912

Daniel Burnham was bornon 4 September 1846 in Henderson, American, is Architect, Urban Designer. Daniel Hudson Burnham was a famous American architect who designed and planned many important buildings and cities in the United States. He was born in New York City into a religious family and was raised in Chicago. After finishing his school he faced a tough time getting admission into a university because of which, he became an apprentice at an architectural firm of William Le Baron Jenny, who was considered as the ‘father of skyscrapers’ at that time. With time, Burnham changed his architect firm and met with his future partner John Wellborn Root there. Both Root and Burnham started their own architect firm and were considered to be aces of their game. Burnham was a creative visionary and Root was more grounded and practical in his approach. But after the premature death of Root, Burnham formed a company called D.H. Burnham & Company and started the biggest project of his career called the ‘World’s Columbian Exposition’ in Chicago. He created a ‘White City’ there, which is still considered to be a work of genius. His work was recognized by Harvard and Yale universities and he received honorary degrees from them.


In 1912, Burnham’s company became the world’s largest architecture company and a model for many other rising architecture firms in America


In 1909, Burnham planned to make Chicago into a beautiful city


In 1893, after the death of Root, Burnham took up the role to serve as the chief of construction and chief of consulting architect for the World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago


Burnham’s partner Root died at an early age of pneumonia in 1891


From 1873-81, after the Great Chicago Fire, both Root and Burnham took up the magnanimous task to rebuild the whole city from scratch, the firm designed more than 165 private houses and 75 public and private buildings


In 1872, Burnham started to work as a draftsman at the firm of Carter, Drake and Wight and within a year, he started a partnership with his co-worker John Wellborn Root


Daniel Burnham was born on 4 September 1846 in Henderson, New York City

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