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Conrad Black

Former Newspaper Publisher, Author, Investor
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Net worth 2018: $80 Million
Industry: Business People
Residence: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Country: British
BirthDay: 25 August 1944
Sigh: Virgo

Conrad Black was bornon 25 August 1944 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, British, is Former Newspaper Publisher, Author, Investor. From popularity and admiration to defamation and loathing by the public, Conrad Black is a man who has seen it all. Born into a wealthy and respected family, Conrad always felt that he was different from the rest of his family. His parents were very cultured and sophisticated people while his elder brother was a talented athlete. Young Conrad felt he lacked his family’s refinement though he grew up to be a very clever and astute young man. He was sent to some of the best educational institutes to study where his inherent penchant for fraud began to show its ugly head. He stole and sold exam papers in his school to make some quick money and was expelled from college for displaying inappropriate behavior. Nevertheless, it could not be denied that he was highly intelligent and began managing several businesses after college. At one time he controlled one of the world’s largest English language newspaper empires. Over the decade of 2000s, it came to light that there were several irregularities in the way the funds of the companies he held were managed. He was found guilty on several charges and told to pay a massive amount as compensation and fine.


$80 Million


In 2014 the Tax Court of Canada stated that he owed $5


1 million in penalties for securities law violations as the chairman of Hollinger International in October 2012


District Court in Chicago in 2007 and was sentenced to serve 6


Hollinger International fired Black in 2004 and launched a $200 million lawsuit against him, Radler and some other parties for causing the company to endure unreasonable fees over the past many years


Black resigned as CEO of Hollinger in 2003 as a special committee report stated that $32


Hollinger launched ‘National Post’ in 1998 and sold several newspapers over the next few years for millions of dollars, several of the deals were “non-compete” agreements for Hollinger insiders


By 1990 his company ran over 400 small newspapers in North America


, created in 1986 was the holding company for his newspapers


In 1985 he acquired control of Britain’s ‘Daily Telegraph’ and five years later he bought ‘The Jerusalem Post’


He withdrew over $56 million from the Dominion workers’ pension plan in 1984 for his shareholders without consulting plan members


He acquired Ravelston and Argus with a payment of $30 million in 1978 after the death of McDougald


Black became a director of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in 1977


His father died in 1976 leaving him and his brother a 22


He kept hopping from one college to another before finally completing his law degree from Universite Laval in 1970 and a Master of Arts degree in history from McGill University in 1973

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