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Christiaan Eijkman

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Industry: Scientists
Residence: Nijkerk
Country: Dutch
BirthDay: 11 August 1858
Sigh: Virgo
Died On: November 5, 1930
Education: Universiteit van Amsterdam

Christiaan Eijkman was bornon 11 August 1858 in Nijkerk, Dutch, is Physician. Christiaan Eijkman was a Dutch physician and a professor of physiology, who is known for his work on the disease beriberi and the discovery of antineuritic vitamins. The son of a school teacher, he aimed to become a doctor but his family’s financial status did not allow the 6,000 guilds needed for his medical education. Thus he pledged to join the military service which would enable him to study medicine free of cost. Later he was sent to Dutch East Indies, now called Indonesia, as an Army Surgeon. Here he first came into contact with cases of beriberi and was perplexed by it. Later he trained himself as a bacteriologist and returned to Java, where he spent the next ten years investigating the disease. After a long and painstaking research, he was able to prove that unpolished rice contained some ingredient, which could both prevent and cure beriberi, but it was lost when the rice was polished. Unfortunately, he had to return home soon after that, but his discovery set the stage for further investigation, which led to the discovery of antineuritic vitamins (Thiamine). A year before his death, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his contribution to the discovery.


He died on 5 November 1930, after a long period of illness in Utrecht


After retiring in 1928, Eijkman began to suffer from various illnesses and by 1929 he was so ill that he could not travel to Norway to accept the Nobel Prize in person


The Eijkman Medal, established on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his professorship, carries his legacy even today


Although Eijkman has been credited for the discovery of the antineuritic vitamin by the Nobel Committee, it was actually the Polish biochemist Casimir Funk, who in 1912 discovered thiamine and formulated the concept of vitamins


Later in 1888, he married Bertha Julie Louise van der Kemp


The dissertation, titled ‘Over Polarisatie in de Zenuwen’ (on polarization in the nerves), earned him his MD degree on 13 July 1883


From 1879 to 1881, he assisted Thomas Place, the Professor of Physiology at the University of Amsterdam


Growing up under the guidance of his father, he passed the school leaving examination in 1875


In 1859, his father was appointed headmaster of a school for advanced elementary education in Zaandam, a large town located in the province of North Holland


Christiaan Eijkman was born on 11 August 1858 in the small town of Nijkerk, located in the province of Gelderland in Netherlands

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