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Cho Chang-Gul

Cho Chang-Gul’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $1 Billion
Industry: Manufacturing
Country: South Korea
Children: 4
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Seoul National University

Cho Chang-Gul was born in South Korea, is HanssemHanssem. Cho Chang-Gul started Hanssem in 1970; it's now South Korea's largest furniture maker. Born in Hwanghae-do, he majored in architectural technology as an undergraduate and earned a master's degree from the International Design Graduate School at Seoul National University. Hanssem specialized in kitchen furniture at first but then extended its business to interior design. In 2010 he resigned as chairman and is now honorary chairman. He promises to donate nearly half his stake to the Hanssem Design Beyond East & West research foundation, which grooms young Koreans as global leaders.


$1.1 Million


$1 Billion

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