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Charlie Parker

Jazz saxophonist, composer
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Net worth 2018: $1.6 Million
Industry: Musicians
Residence: Kansas City
Country: United States
BirthDay: 29 August 1920
Sigh: Virgo
Died On: March 12, 1955
Education: Lincoln High School

Charlie Parker was bornon 29 August 1920 in Kansas City, American, is Jazz saxophonist, composer. Charlie Parker, known to jazz lovers as Yardbird or simply Bird, was an American jazz saxophonist and composer, born in Kansas City to a musician father and a charwoman mother. Interested in music from a young age, he started playing baritone horn while still in his junior class. But when at the age of eleven, he received his first saxophone, it became his favorite instrument. By that time, his father had abandoned them, and soon taking advantage of his mother’s night duties, the boy started frequenting clubs. At fifteen, he not only abandoned school and joined the professional musical circuit, but also started taking drugs. He never had any formal lessons in music but learned from listening to others play, which was accompanied by intense practice and at the same time, a will to experiment. Soon, he became well-known in jazz circuits and working with others, invented ‘bebop’ style of jazz. Unfortunately, years of substance abuse had its affect and Charlie died broken and pennyless at the age of thirty-four. Today, he is remembered as one of the twentieth century’s great musical innovators and father of bebop.


Alarmed, she persuaded him to stay back and he died there on March 12, 1955


Out of job, he unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide twice in 1954 by swallowing iodine


In July 1950, he began living with Chan Richardson, a model and dancer


Next in 1948, soon after his release from T Camarillo State Hospital at Los Angeles, Charlie Parker married Doris Snydor


Later on April 10, 1943, he married Geraldine Marguerite Scott, a dancer


He divorced her in 1939 and moved to the New York City


In 1938, Charlie joined Jay McShann's big band and in 1939 toured New York and Chicago with them


In 1937, while working at a jam session with Count Basie's Orchestra at Reno Club, he tried to improvise but failed miserably, losing track of the chords


On July 25, 1936, while he was still a teenager and already into drugs, Charlie Parker married Rebecca Ruffin


Finally in December 1935, he withdrew from school and joined the local musicians’ union


Later in September 1934, his mother had him enrolled at the Lincoln High School


Sometime around 1930-1931, Charles Parker abandoned his family and young Charlie was greatly saddened by the incidence


In 1927, when he was seven years old, the family moved to Kansas City in the state of Missouri


on August 29, 1920, in Kansas City in the state of Kansas

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