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Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $50 Million
Residence: Walworth, London
Country: British
BirthDay: 16 April 1889
Sigh: Taurus
Died On: December 25, 1977

Charlie Chaplin was bornon 16 April 1889 in Walworth, London, British. One of the most popular and legendary comedians, the name of Charlie Chaplin is eternally synonymous with comedy and humour. He was easily one of the greatest stars in the silent film era and left audiences in a riot of laughter with his rib-tickling screen persona. In a career spanning over seventy five years, Chaplin gave many memorable and great performances. This versatile comic genius acted, directed, produced, wrote and composed music for almost all of his films and was recognized as ‘The Little Tramp’, the character he played in his films. An icon in world cinema, Chaplin is widely accepted as one of the founding fathers of the genre of comedy and has influenced an array of filmmakers and comedians. Even today, many of his films are extremely popular and are hailed as classics. Some of his greatest films include ‘Modern Times’, ‘The Great Dictator’, ‘The Gold Rush’, ‘The Immigrant’ and ‘The Kid’.


$50 Million


To honour his achievements, ‘Charlie Chaplin – The Great Londoner’, an exclusive exhibition on his life was opened at the London Film Museum in 2010


Released in the year 1967, ‘A Countess from Hong Kong’, was his last film


In 1957, he directed and acted in the comedy film ‘A King in New York’, a satirical film about the political and social life in the United States of America


In 1952, his Academy Award winning film ‘Limelight’ was released


In 1943, he married his fourth wife Oona O'Neill and the couple had eight children together


In 1940, he came up with ‘The Great Dictator’, which was one of his most commercially successful films


Released in 1936, one of his most remembered films, ‘Modern Times’, is a satirical portrayal of struggle to cope in the industrialised world


‘Modern Times’ was selected to be preserved at the Library of Congress, United States and it was ranked 33rd on the American Film Institute’s list of ‘100 Years…100 Laughs’, as one of the 100 funniest movies in America


In 1925, his Academy Award winning film ‘The Gold Rush’, which he directed, starred in and produced, was released


From September 26, 1923 onwards, he released his films under the United Artists label


From 1918 to 1923, he made a total of nine films which were distributed by the ‘First National Exhibitors' Circuit’


From 1916 to 1917, he worked for the ‘Mutual Film Corporation’ - he directed, wrote, produced and acted in their films


In 1915, he also directed and wrote films for the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company


In 1914, he appeared in several films for Keystone Studios including, ‘Kid Auto Races at Venice’, ‘Between Showers’, ‘A Film Johnnie’, ‘His Favorite Pastime’ and ‘Tillie's Punctured Romance’


In 1913, he signed a contract for a period of one year with the New York Motion Picture Company, which promised him a pay of $150 a week


In 1910, he played the lead role in the sketch ‘Jimmy the Fearless’, which was an immediate success and soon after he started getting a lot of media attention, which catapulted his fame and popularity


When the troupe finished touring in July 1907, Charlie was left without a job for a few months and lived with a family in Kennington


In 1906, he became part of the amateur comedy troupe ‘Casey's Circus’


From October 1903 to June 1904, he travelled with Saintsbury, and his plays were immensely successful, which lead him to travel to London to act with William Gillette, an actor


He became a member of the male dance troupe, ‘The Eight Lancashire Lads’ and toured across the music halls in Great Britain, all through 1899 and 1900


In 1898, his mother was admitted to a mental asylum, after she was diagnosed with psychosis

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