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Charles X of France

King of France and Navarre
Charles X of France’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: Under Review
Residence: Palace of Versailles, France
Country: French
BirthDay: 9 October 1757
Sigh: Scorpio
Died On: November 6, 1836

Charles X of France was bornon 9 October 1757 in Palace of Versailles, France, French, is King of France and Navarre. Charles X of France was born as Charles Philippe to Dauphin Louis de France and Dauphine Marie Josephduring the reign of his grandfather King Louis XV. At birth he was made Count of Artois by the king and spent the greater part of his life as such. As Charles had three elder brothers, he had little chance of becoming the king. However, with the death of his eldest brother in 1761 and father in 1765, he quickly moved two places up in the line of succession and ultimately became the king on the death of his brother King Louis XVIII of France in 1824. From the very beginning, he was an ultra royalist and could never accept the supremacy of the ‘Third Estate’ comprising of common people. Even King Louis XVI, who was guillotined during the French revolution, had described Charles as ‘more royalist than the king’. Later, as he became the king he took every available measure to bring back the glory of the royal house, ignoring the fact that the time had changed and to survive they too must change. It was because of this he had to abdicate his throne in 1830 and die in exile.


He died there on November 6, 1836 from an attack of Cholera


He then moved to Prague and remained there until1835 and then moved to Gorizia


Charles later shifted to Scotland and stayed there until he was invited by Emperor Francis I of Austria in the end of 1832


He reached England on August 16, 1830 as a private citizen


To distract him from such scandalous affairs, he was engaged in the siege of Gibraltar in 1782


King Charles X of France married Princess Maria Teresa of Savoy on 16 November 1773


However, Louis died early (1765) and never became the king


Charles Philippe was born on October 9, 1757 at the Palace of Versailles in France

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