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Charles Dickens

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Net worth 2018: $7 Million
Industry: Writers
Residence: Landport
Country: British
BirthDay: 7 February 1812
Sigh: Pisces
Died On: June 9, 1870

Charles Dickens was bornon 7 February 1812 in Landport, British, is Writer. One of the most widely read English authors of all time Charles Dickens is famous for his novels that touch upon the sensitive issues of poverty, child labour, and slavery. During a time, when depravity and oppression were the norms of English society, this talented writer had the courage to voice his opinions against these conditions. Gathering inspiration from his childhood experiences of poverty and insecurity, his novels are usually semi-autobiographical. This author was gifted with a powerful memory, and most of the characters in his novels are based on people he met and got acquainted with. This includes his own parents, who were the models for characters Mr. and Mrs. Micawber in the famous novel ‘David Copperfield’. The characters created by this novelist are popular because of their idiosyncrasies and quirky names. Some of his popular novels are 'Oliver Twist', 'A Christmas Carol', and 'Hard Times', amongst many more. Though known for his social commentary on the prevalent conditions in England, the literary works of novelist gained popularity amongst readers, editors and publishers alike. His books have seen more than 200 adaptations for the big screen, including 'The Pickwick Papers', a silent movie made in the early 20th century.


His grave tomb read "To the Memory of Charles Dickens (England's most popular author) who died at his residence, Higham, near Rochester, Kent, 9 June 1870, aged 58 years


On April 22, 1869, he suffered a stroke, at Preston, Lancashire, and had to pull out of a reading tour in England and Scotland


In 1867, the famous novelist went for a reading tour to America, where he earned almost £19,000


On June 9, 1865, he met with an accident on his way back to England from Paris


From 1860-70, the prolific writer worked on his novel, 'Great Expectations', and 'Our Mutual Friend '


Catherine and her husband separated in 1858, and the former took one child, leaving the rest under the care of her sister Georgina


In 1857, he met Ellen Ternan, an eighteen year old actress, who had a part to play in his play 'The Frozen Deep', and fell in love with her


During 1850-59, he worked for the weekly journal 'Household Words', as its editor and contributor


Upon being persuaded by philanthropist Angela Burdett Coutts, in 1846, Dickens established an institution named 'Urania Cottage', for the welfare of poor women, who were believed to have lost their chastity


'A Christmas Carol', printed in 1843, was the most famous, with its depictions of Christmas, and the ideals of sharing that it conveyed


In 1842, the writer travelled with his family to the United States, a trip that he recollected in his travel memoir, 'American Notes for General Circulation'


From 1837-39, he published two more famous novels, 'Oliver Twist', and 'The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby'


In 1836, he also completed writing his novel, 'The Pickwick Papers', which was initially serialized, and became quite popular


The following year, in 1833, he published his first work of fiction, 'A Dinner at Poplar Walk', in 'Monthly Magazine', a publication managed by political editor, Richard Phillips


In 1832, Dickens began working at the 'House of Commons' of the United Kingdoms, for 'The Mirror of Parliament', a journal that reported Parliamentary discussions


In May, 1827, Dickens was hired at the law firm of Ellis and Blackmore, as an office boy


In 1824, John was arrested for not repaying £40 and 10 shillings to a baker named James Kerr


Charles John Huffam Dickens was born in Portsea Island, England, on February 7, 1812, to John, a clerk at the 'Navy Pay Office', and his wife Elizabeth, an aspiring school teacher

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