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Minigun (Chad Jones)

Chad "Minigun" Jones - StarCraft II Player
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Net worth 2018: $24 Thousand
Country: United States

Chad "Minigun" Jones is an American StarCraft II player.Overall RankingAt present, Minigun is ranked #2267 in highest overall earnings, and #458 in highest earnings for players from United States.Largest Prize from a Single TournamentThe most money that Minigun has won from a single tournament was $7,000.00 from Ender's Game on Blu-ray Showmatch on February 22, 2014. His WIN place finish makes up 29.39% of his total prize money won.


$24 Thousand


ROOT Gaming is a North American StarCraft II team that was created on the 22nd of March 2010, founded by four StarCraft II players: Drewbie, JiYan, CatZ, and qxc, quickly developing to become one of the best and most popular teams in North America. In early 2011, ROOT established a joint gaming house in Florida together with Fnatic, having CatZ, Drewbie from ROOT, and Fenix and TT1 from Fnatic living in the house.[1]

On June 11, 2011, compLexity Gaming announced that they had acquired ROOT Gaming and the majority of their roster: CatZ, Drewbie, Minigun and DdoRo,[2] whilst KiWiKaKi and SLush decided not to join compLexity and became part of the newly formed Team ReIGN.[3] Destiny">Destiny initially signed with compLexity but then changed his mind about joining the team.[4]

On May 15, 2012, CatZ announced that following the expiry of his contract with compLexity Gaming, he and Drewbie would be reforming ROOT Gaming.[5]

Since its rebirth, ROOT has expanded considerably, doubling its roster and recruiting new players, reuniting with former players such as Minigun, SLush and KiWiKaKi. ROOT also added a Dota 2 team in May 2012,[6] as well as a Smite squad in February 2013,[7] although the latter was short-lived.

In July 2013, ROOT opened the highly anticipated and crowd-funded team house in Antioch, California with several players from the ROOT Gaming team, such as CatZ, Kane, Succeed, Minigun, Sage and others moving in to practice and produce content.[8]

ROOT Gaming made another significant expansion in September 2013, as they announced the SEED Academy, recruiting many young up and coming talents from around the world, giving them the opportunity to develop alongside the professional team and utilising ROOT's resources, such as the team house to further their career. Amongst the first members, the new SEED roster included Najzmajs, Arium, SolO, Prebs and Virium.[9]

ROOT Gaming became OSC-ROOT Gaming in July of 2016, adding the Oceanic Starcraft League as a title sponsor of the team. Along with the partnership came the announcement that the team would be adding DemiLove, PandaBearMe, Probe, and SPARROW to their roster while releasing Patrick-coury-caliber">Caliber and Revolution and moving Petraeus to inactive.[10]

ROOT Gaming and OSC end their partnership in July 2017. ROOT Gaming parts ways with DemiLove, PandaBearMe, Probe, iaguz, and Cham.[11]

Best Yearly Result:

Full list of player transfers and former players here.

ROOT Gaming's logo from the creation of the team to May 2012.[106]

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