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Carlos Ardila Lülle

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Net worth 2018: $2.83 Billion
Residence: Bogota, Colombia
Country: Colombia
BirthDay: 4 July 1930
Sigh: Leo
Education: Bachelor of Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Carlos Ardila Lülle was bornon 4 July 1930 in Bogota, Colombia, Colombia. Carlos Ardila Lülle is #851 in List Billionaires People In The World. Carlos Ardila Lulle built a fortune selling soda pop in Colombia and got richer still investing in bottling companies, sugar refineries, radio stations and television channels. He started his career working for his father-in-law's soda company, where he created an apple-flavored drink that quickly became a top seller. In 1973 he bought his first radio station and built Radio Canal Nacional by snatching up smaller stations. When the Colombian government privatized television in 1998, he started RCN TV, now worth significantly more than his radio properties. In 2012 he partnered with Rupert Murdoch to create MundoFox, a Spanish-language channel targeted at U.S. Hispanics. He now owns several bottling companies, the largest sugar refinery in Colombia and Colombian soccer team Atletico Nacional.


$5.4 Billion


$2.4 Billion


$2 Billion


$1.6 Billion


$2.6 Billion


$2.83 Billion


In 1998, devaluation of the Colombian Peso caused him to lose 38% of his net worth internationally


In 1994, he founded Leona Brewery, and in 1996 he bought the main Colombia soccer team, Atlético Nacional, making Leona Beer their main sponsor until he later sold the brewery to Bavaria


In 1978, he also acquired textile company Coltejer, which has remained a leader in the textile sector in Antioquia


He acquired the record company Sonolux in 1973, and in 1978, he added a television channel under the RCN platform called RCN TV


Ardila next moved into textiles and media, and in 1972 acquired the nationwide radio company Radio Cadena Nacional (RCN)


At Gaseosas LUX, he worked on the development and promotion of new flavors, and in 1954 saw great success in the development of a new soft drink flavored with apples


At fifteen he completed secondary education at the Jesuit run Colegio San Pedro Claver, and moved to Medellín to study civil engineering at the School of Mines at the National University of Colombia, graduating in 1951


Carlos Ardila Lülle was born in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia on July 4, 1930

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