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Carl O. Sauer

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Residence: Warrenton, Missouri, US
Country: United States
BirthDay: 24 December 1889
Sigh: Capricorn
Died On: July 18, 1975

Carl O. Sauer was bornon 24 December 1889 in Warrenton, Missouri, US, American, is Geographer. Carl Ortwin Sauer was one of the most prominent geographers in America during the twentieth century. He was an advocate of the effect of human intervention in the formation of the landscape, cultures, societies, history and environment of various areas around the globe especially Latin America and less industrialized zones of North America. He was a fierce critic of environmental determinism though he had been a teacher of the subject at one point of time. He focused on the diffusion of animals and plants and the impact on the geography due to the conquest of the indigenous people in North America, the Red Indians, by the whites. He was extremely critical of the government for not providing any policy that could bring about a sustainable use of land and its resources. He started a new school of thought that the geography of an area is more dependent on the humans who have changed it rather than nature. He introduced the term ‘landscape’ into American geography which could be a ‘natural landscape’ or a ‘cultural landscape’. He suggested that landscape is a viable alternative to environmental determinism which describes the casual influence of the environment on humans, whereas, the landscape approach studies the impact of humans on the environment. In his opinion geography is ‘cultural landscape’ rather than ‘natural landscape’.


Sauer died at the age of 85 in Berkeley, California, USA on July 18, 1975


He was a ‘Professor Emeritus’ from 1957 till his death


In 1955 he organized an international conference on ‘Man's Role in Changing the Face of the Earth’ at Pricenton, New Jersey, which discussed the impact created by humans on the organisms, water, landscape and atmosphere


He became the President of the ‘Association of American Geographers in 1940 and was appointed an honorary president in 1955


His book ‘Destructive Exploitation in Modern Colonial Expansion’ was published in 1938 while ‘Agricultural Origins and Dispersals’ about the domestication of plants and animals was published in 1952


Berkeley and Los Angeles’ was published in 1932 while ‘Aboriginal Population of Northwestern Mexico’ was published in 1935


During the 1930s he also became interested in biogeography and wrote many articles on animal and plant domestication


Sauer was ‘The Morphology of Landscape’ which was published in 1925 where he introduced the concept of ‘landscape’ in geography


In 1923 he joined the ‘University of California, Berkeley’ as a Professor and the Chairman of the department of geography


During the 1920s Sauer studied the landscape of Mexico which was the beginning of his life-long interest in the historical geography and the cultures in Latin America


He joined the ‘University of Michigan’ at Ann Arbor as an instructor in the newly formed department of geology and geography in 1915 and became an Assistant Professor in 1918, an Associate Professor in 1920, a Professor in 1920 and the Chairman of the department in 1923


Carl Sauer worked as an instructor in physical sciences at the ‘State Normal School’ at Salem, Massachusetts from 1913 to 1914


He joined the ‘Northwestern University’ in Evanston, Illinois to study geology from 1909 to 1909 where he became interested in past history


He returned to the United States and joined ‘Central Wesleyan College’ from where he graduated in 1908 shortly before turning nineteen


Sauer was born in Warrenton, Missouri, on December 24, 1889

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