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Brunello Cucinelli

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Net worth 2018: $1.31 Billion
Residence: Solomeo, Italy
Country: Italy
Children: 2

Brunello Cucinelli was born in Solomeo, Italy, Italy. Brunello Cucinelli is #1718 in List Billionaires People In The World. The "king of cashmere," designer Brunello Cucinelli dropped out of engineering school and used a $550 bank loan to launch a fashion line in 1978. His eponymous luxury brand is known for its cashmere sweaters, but also sells dresses, suits, shoes, handbags and accessories. In 1985 Cucinelli moved the headquarters of Brunello Cucinelli SpA to Solomeo, a medieval Italian hamlet that he has renovated, restoring its 14th-century castle and adding an amphitheater, school, public garden and sports complex. He espouses a theory of "humanistic capitalism" in which he aims to both share his company's profits and "humanize" his 1,500 employees. Cucinelli does not allow work after 5:30 pm and serves 90-minute homemade lunches prepared by the housewives of Solomeo.


$1.3 Billion


$1.05 Billion


$1 Billion


$1.31 Billion


Esquire magazine named him among the top ten best dressed men alive in 2017


He founded Brunello Cucinelli SpA in 1978 with the Italian lira equivalent of about $550; after the initial public offering of Brunello Cucinelli SpA his personal net worth exceeded $1 billion


In 1977 he started making dyed cashmere in a small workshop


Brunello Cucinelli (born September 3, 1953 at Castel Rigone) is an Italian luxury creative director and the chief executive of his eponymous made in Italy brand, Brunello Cucinelli

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