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Bertrand Russell

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Net worth 2018: $250,000
Industry: Scientists
Residence: Trellech, Monmouthshire, UK
BirthDay: 18 May 1872
Sigh: Gemini
Died On: February 2, 1970
Education: Trinity College, Cambridge (1890–1895)

Bertrand Russell was bornon 18 May 1872 in Trellech, Monmouthshire, UK, British, Welsh, is Philosopher. Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rds Earl Russell, OM, FRS, was one of the finest names in the list of great philosophers, logicians, mathematicians, historian, and social critics from Great Britain. He was also a proud receiver of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950. Throughout his life, Russell shuffled himself as a liberal, a socialite and a pacifist but never agreed to adapt any of these intellectually. In 1900s, Russell escorted the British “revolt against idealism”. Russell is also believed to be the founder of the analytic philosophy, accompanied by his ancestor Gottlob Frege and apprentice Ludwig Wittgenstein. Russell’s famous philosophical essay “On Denoting” has been acknowledged as a “paradigm of philosophy”. Russell was also a remarkable anti-war activist and also imprisoned for carrying a pacifist activism during World War I. Eventually, he also raised voice against Adolf Hitler and criticized Stalinist totalitarianism. He even campaigned against the involvement of United States in the Vietnam War. Russell also acted as a blunt supporter of nuclear disarmament. The works of Bertrand Russell had a noticeable impact on logic, mathematics, set theory, linguistics and specifically on philosophy of language, epistemology, and metaphysics.


His body was cremated on 5 February 1970 and the ashes were scattered over the Welsh mountains later that year


They separated in 1949 and the divorce finally came through in 1952


While ‘Russell’s Paradox’ is his first major work, Bertrand Russell is best remembered for his 1945 book, ‘A History of Western Philosophy’


The wedding took place at the Midhurst register office on 18 January 1936


They also had a daughter, Katharine Jane Russell, born on 29 December 1923


Their eldest child, John Conrad Russell, 4th Earl Russell, was born on 16 November 1921


In the same year, he started publishing ‘Principia Mathematica’, written with Whitehead in three volumes; the last volume being published in 1913


In 1910 he became a lecturer in the University of Cambridge


Then in 1905, he published another of his major works, ‘On Denoting’


Finally in 1903, he presented the paradox in his well-known book, ‘The Principles of Mathematics’


In 1901, it led to his discovery of ‘Russell’s Paradox’


Later in 1899, he was appointed lecturer at the Trinity College, Cambridge


Sometime now, he also started an intensive study on foundation of mathematics; the fruit of which was published in 1898 as ‘An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry’


In 1896, Russell began his career as a lecturer of German social democracy at the London School of Economics


Meanwhile, he also started writing a thesis, ‘An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry’, which in 1895, earned him a fellowship at Trinity College


Subsequently in 1894, Russell completed the Moral Sciences Tripos and then joined the British embassy at Paris as an attaché


Therefore, after he graduated First Class in mathematics as seventh Wrangler in 1893, he concentrated on philosophy


In 1890, Russell received a scholarship to read for the Mathematical Tripos at Trinity College, Cambridge


Unfortunately, his grandfather too passed away in 1878


By January 1876, young Bertrand had lost his parents as well as sister, Rachel


Bertrand Arthur William Russell was born on 18 May 1872 at Ravenscroft, Trellech, Monmouthshire into an aristocratic family


It provides a survey of Western philosophy from the pre-Socratic days to early 20th century

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