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Beny Steinmetz

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Net worth 2018: $1.04 Billion
Industry: Metals & Mining
Residence: Netanya, Israel
Country: Israel
BirthDay: 1956
Children: 4

Beny Steinmetz was bornon 1956 in Netanya, Israel, Israel. Diamond tycoon Beny Steinmetz is the owner of BSGR, an embattled mining company with a heavy presence in Africa. Born and raised in Israel, Steinmetz moved to Belgium in 1978 to start a diamond business and later founded what would become the Steinmetz Diamond Group with his brother. Steinmetz's iron ore mining efforts in Guinea beginning in 2008 have erupted into a political and legal battlefield. Steinmetz's BSGR acquired iron ore mining rights from the late Guinean dictator Lansana Conté for free, after Conté stripped the rights from Australian mining giant Rio Tinto. In 2010, Steinmetz sold 51% of the mining rights to Brazilian multinational Vale for $2.5 billion, but as of February 2016 he had only collected $500 million. Rio Tinto sued BSGR in New York but the case was thrown out in November 2015. Guinea's first democratically elected president, Alpha Condé, decided in April 2014 to strip BSGR of its interests in the Simandou region after an inquiry determined they were illegally obtained and is the in process of auctioning them off. BSGR is asking an international tribunal to halt the proceedings and return its claim to the rights. Steinmetz was held under house arrest in Israel in connection to bribery allegations against him related to BSGR's project in Guinea. He was not charged and was released in January 2017; BSGR described the allegations as "baseless."


$2 Billion


$2 Billion


$6 Billion


$5.9 Billion


$4.1 Billion


$4.1 Billion


$3.5 Billion


$1 Billion


$1.1 Billion


$1.04 Billion


In April 2017, BSGR filed a suit against American billionaire George Soros in U


At the end of 2016, the Foundation held a festive event to celebrate a decade of giving


In November 2015, Rio Tinto's RICO lawsuit against BSGR was dismissed, with U


According to Forbes in June 2014, Steinmetz is the sixth richest Israeli in the world with a net worth of $3


As of March 2011, he was the second richest person in Israel, before Sammy Ofer died in June 2011


A now-defunct company, of which he was a founder and shareholder, Nikanor plc, listed in London, was acquired by Katanga Mining in 2008


In 2007, Beny Steinmetz and his wife Agnes founded the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation in order to unify their multiple volunteer activities under the auspices of one philanthropic organization


In 1997, he founded STI Ventures NV, a venture capital firm that invests in start-up companies in Israel


Beny Steinmetz was born in Netanya, Israel in April 1956, the fourth child of Rubin Steinmetz

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