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Ben Carson

Ben Carson’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $26 Million
Industry: Writers
Residence: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Country: United States
BirthDay: 18 September 1951
Sigh: Libra
Height: 1.83 m

Ben Carson was bornon 18 September 1951 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., American, is Neurosurgeon. Ben Carson, now a retired American neurosurgeon and acclaimed author, was the first man to have successfully separated conjoined twins who were joined at the head. Numerous attempts had been made previously by other physicians, but often one of the babies or both were unable to survive the surgery. Separating twins joined at the head is a highly risky procedure as the conjoined twins often share important blood vessels that if ruptured may lead to the twins’ death. Ben Carson and his team of doctors created history in 1987 by successfully separating the Binder twins, Patrick and Benjamin, both of whom survived and went on to lead individual lives. Today it might seem impossible to imagine that this brilliant neurosurgeon was once a poor student in school. Raised by a single mother, childhood was not easy for young Ben and he seemed poised to get into trouble. His mother Sonya though uneducated herself persuaded her children to study well and guided the boy away from trouble. Under her direction he blossomed into a great student who went to medical school. Eventually he became a world renowned neurosurgeon who specialized in separating conjoined twins. Carson is also the author of several best-sellers and has an interest in politics.


$26 Million


He was faced with a huge challenge in 2003—to separate adult conjoined twins, Ladan and Laleh Bijani who were 29 year old Iranian women


Carson was diagnosed with prostrate cancer during the early 2000s and is completely recovered by now


A few years later he went to Zambia with his team in 1997 to operate on the Banda twins, Luka and Joseph who were joined at the tops of their heads


In addition to his career as a neurosurgeon, he has also authored several books including ‘Gifted Hands’ (1996), ‘Think Big’ (2000), ‘The Big Picture’ (2006), ‘Take the Risk’ (2009)


He was invited to South Africa in 1994 to separate another pair of conjoined twins, the Makwaeba twins


On 4 September, 1987 he became the first neurosurgeon to successfully separate a set of conjoined twins joined at the head


He returned to Johns Hopkins in 1984 and was appointed the director of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1985 when he was just 33; he also served as a co-director of the Johns Hopkins Craniofacial Center


He was invited to join the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth, Australia, in 1983, as Australia at that time did not have enough neurosurgeons with expertise in the field


Following his graduation from medical school he became a neurosurgery resident at the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore in 1977


They got married in 1975 and were blessed with three sons


He graduated from Southwestern High School with honors and went to Yale University where he majored in psychology in 1973


He met Lacena “Candy” Rustin in 1971 when both were students at Yale University

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