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Barry Gibb

Barry Gibb’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $90 Million
Industry: Singers
Residence: Douglas
Country: United States
BirthDay: 1 September 1946
Sigh: Libra

Barry Gibb was bornon 1 September 1946 in Douglas, American, is Musician. Barry Gibb is a famous singer-songwriter, known for being the founder member of the rock-and-roll band, 'Bee Gees'. With a passion for music, at the age of nine, he formed the group, 'The Rattlesnakes', with his brothers, Maurice and Robin. Also included in the band were friends Paul and Kenny, where Gibb sang, played the guitar and also wrote songs. The band initially started performing hits by Cliff Richards, Buddy Holly and Paul Anka. With the departure of Kenny and Paul, the band was renamed as 'Bee Gees'. As a part of 'Bee Gees', which later included their youngest brother, Andy, this young talented performer wrote most of the songs, and churned out hit after hit. The group is known for their songs, 'Let Me Love You', 'Staying Alive', and 'I Just Don't Like to Be Alone', amongst many more. This singer has also performed solo, and has produced songs for other artistes, including the famous Barbra Streisand's 'Guilty'. He has also featured in the film, 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts'. Barry the only surviving 'Bee Gees' brother is still performing, and has collaborated with musical greats including Michael Jackson and Kenny Rogers. Read on for more information on his life and works.


$90 Million


He was also a judge on 'American Idol', in the sixth season, in 2007


In 2001, the 'Bee Gees' released their final album, 'Islands in the Stream'


During the 1990s, the celebrated musician recorded Kelli Wolfe's 'Born to Be Loved by You'


During 1984-88, he brought out the solo albums, 'Now Voyager' and 'Moonlight Madness', containing singles like 'Shine, Shine' and 'Fine Line'


In the 1980s, Barry helped release his brother's, 'Andy Gibb's Greatest Hits', and singer Barbra Streisand's album, 'Guilty', both of which saw commercial success


In 1978, the eldest brother also appeared in the movie 'Sgt


From 1975-80, under the new recording artist, Arif Mardin, the 'Bee Gees' released singles like 'Nights on Broadway', 'I Just Want to Be Your Everything', and 'Saturday Night Fever'


As a solo artist, the exceptional singer released a song, 'I'll Kiss Your Memory', in 1970, that was supposed to be on an album titled 'The Kid's No Good'


The group disbanded completely by the end of 1969, and Barry was left to work on solo songs


In 1968, they performed on TV programs like 'The Smothers Brothers Show', and 'The Ed Sullivan Show', as a promotion campaign for their album, 'Horizontal'


The band went on to churn out hits like 'I Started a Joke', 'Playdown', and 'With the Sun in My Eyes', amongst others, before coming to England in 1967


On August 22, 1966, this famous singer got married to a lady named Maureen Bates


In 1963, the 'Bee Gees' were signed on by 'Festival Records', who allotted them to their affiliated company, 'Leedon'


During 1961-62, the group performed in local clubs in the Gold Coast region of Surfer's Paradise, after the talented young musician dropped out of school


While performing at the 'Redcliffe Speedway ', in 1959, they were noticed by a DJ, Bill Gates, who was highly impressed with Barry's original compositions, '(Underneath the) Starlight of Love', and 'Let Me Love You'


This famous singer-songwriter is known for founding the band ‘Bee Gees’ in 1958, along with brothers Robin and Maurice


The group first performed professionally at the 'Gaumont Cinema', on December 28, 1957


As a young boy, in 1955, he founded the rock-and-roll band, called 'The Rattlesnakes', where he sang along with his brothers Maurice, Robin, accompanied by his neighbours Kenny Horrocks and Paul Frost


On September 4, 1951, Barry joined 'Braddan School', but had to leave after two years when the family again moved house


In 1949, The Gibb family, which also included Barry's sister Leslie, moved from their old house to 50 St


Barry Alan Crompton Gibb was born to Hugh, and his wife Barbara, on September 1, 1946, in the town of Douglas, Isle of Man

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