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Bam Margera

Bam Margera’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $45 Million
Industry: Miscellaneous
Residence: West Chester
Country: United States
BirthDay: 28 September 1979
Sigh: Libra
Height: 1.73 m
Education: East High School

Bam Margera was bornon 28 September 1979 in West Chester, American. Brandon Cole ‘Bam’ Margera is an American reality television and movie star, a professional skateboarder, radio personality and a prominent part of MTV. He was born and brought up in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He got his nickname ‘Bam’ from banging into walls when he was a little boy and later when he gained professional success, he changed his legal name to it. While he was still a teenager, Margera started shooting amateur videos with his friends while doing stunts on skateboard and going on exciting missions. These videos were later produced by him as an independent video series called ‘CKY’ series. With the success of these independent videos, Margera was offered to be a part of the show on MTV called ‘Jackass’. Margera started gaining more and more popularity with the young audience, which led to the production of 3 ‘Jackass’ movies. He did many other reality movies like ‘Bam’s Unholy Union’, ‘Haggard’, etc. and had his own show on MTV titled ‘Viva La Bam’. He is the creator of many independent reality movies and owns his own bar called ‘The Note’. He is the writer of the book called ‘Serious as Dog Dirt’, which includes his personal experiences, writings and pictures. He is part of a professional skateboarding team, the ‘Team Element’.


$45 Million


He co-created a television series called ‘Bam’s World Domination’ and made a special appearance in ‘Loiter Squad’ in 2012


In 2007, Margera was filmed for a reality movie called ‘Bam’s Unholy Union’ when he was to get married to his fianc�e Melissa Rothstein


In 2006, Margera got engaged to Melissa ‘Missy’ Rothstein, who was a childhood friend of his


Their relationship ended in 2005 and a year later Margera was in news for filing ‘Protection From Abuse’ after Rivell broke into his house


In 2003, Margera joined the ‘Team Element’, which is the demonstration team for the ‘Element Skateboards’


After this Margera bagged the role in three ‘Jackass’ movies from 2002-2010 - ‘Jackass: The Movie’, ‘Jackass Number Two’ and ‘Jackass 3D’


During the late 2000s, Margera appeared in one of the pornographic films by Gina Lynn called ‘The Fantasstic Whores 4’, which featured him in a non-sexual role


Bam Margera was born on 28 September 1979 in West Chester, Pennsylvania to Phil Margera and April Margera

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