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Auguste Lumière

Inventor of cinematograph
Auguste Lumière’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $18 Million
Industry: Photographers
Residence: Besançon
Country: French
BirthDay: 19 October 1862
Sigh: Scorpio
Died On: April 10, 1954

Auguste Lumière was bornon 19 October 1862 in Besançon, French, is Inventor of cinematograph. Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas Lumière was a French inventor, successful businessman and a medical professional. He started his career as a manager in his father’s photographic business. Later he, along with his brother Louis Lumière, invented the cinematograph and shot the very first motion picture with it. Of course, many may argue that others had patented similar machines before them; however, it cannot be denied that they were first to invent a technology that made cinema a mass media. Their invention of Autochrome Lumière, a color photographic technique, also made a mark and earned them Elliott Cresson Medal. However, Auguste’s real interest lay in medicine and so from the beginning of the twentieth century he began to concentrate more on it. He not only did extensive research on tuberculosis and cancer, but also opened a pharmaceutical company of his own. In addition, he also found time to pen a number of books, among which most are based on his extensive medical research.


Auguste Lumière lived until the age of 91 and died at home on April 10, 1954, in Lyon


Their daughter Joséphine Léocadie Andrée Lumière was born on Jun 22, 1894, and son Henri Louis René Lumière was born on May 8, 1897


Auguste married Marie Euphrasie Marguerite Winckler Lumière on August 31, 1893

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