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Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $18 Million
Industry: Writers
Residence: Taganrog, Russian Empire
BirthDay: 29 January 1860
Sigh: Aquarius
Died On: July 15, 1904

Anton Chekhov was bornon 29 January 1860 in Taganrog, Russian Empire, Soviet Russian, Russian. Anton Chekhov was one of the most illustrious and celebrated short-story writers in the history of literature. Trained as a physician, he pursued his career of a medical practitioner without giving up on his passion for writing which he discovered when he was young. Interestingly, writing happened incidentally to Chekhov who started off by writing humorous letters to his family in Moscow, while he was in Taganrog to uplift their morale as the family faced trying times. Following this, he started writing materials which soon were featured in newspaper periodicals and literary journals. Initially writing for monetary gains, his artistic ambitions later forced him to concentrate on quality work as he came up with the evolution of what is today known as modern short story. His most impressive works as a short story writer and playwright include, ‘The Cherry orchard’, ‘The Seagull’, ‘Uncle Vanya’, ‘Three Sisters’ and ‘Lady with the Dog’.


This great Russian writer was the author of the plays, ‘The Cherry Orchard’, ‘Three Sisters’ and ‘Uncle Vanya’, the latter of which was awarded the 2003 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award


After being in romantic relationships with a couple of women, he finally tied the nuptials with Olga Knipper in 1901


In 1897, he suffered from a major haemorrhage of the lungs


The play opened in October 1896 to a jeering and hooting audience which lowered his morale to the point of renouncing theatre


In 1894, he started to pen his play, ‘The Seagull’


In 1892, he moved to Melikhovo, a small country estate where he lived until 1899


In 1890, he moved to the far east of Russia, where he spent much of his time interviewing thousands of convicts and settlers for a census


In 1887, his work, ‘At Dusk’ won him the coveted Pushkin Prize


It was in 1886 that he was invited to write for Novoye Vremya (New Times), owned and edited by the business magnate Alexey Suvorin


In 1882, he started writing for Oskolki, which was one of the leading publishers of that time


Completing his studies in 1879, he moved to Moscow to join his family


In 1876, Due to his father’s bankruptcy, the family shifted to Moscow but Anton stayed on as he was pursuing his education

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