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Anthony Eden

Prime Minister of UK
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Net worth 2018: $1.9 Million
Industry: Prime Ministers
Residence: Windlestone Hall
Country: British
BirthDay: 12 June 1897
Sigh: Cancer
Died On: January 14, 1977
Education: 1910 - Sandroyd School, 1915 - Eton College, 1922 - Christ Church, Oxford, University of Oxford

Anthony Eden was bornon 12 June 1897 in Windlestone Hall, British, is Prime Minister of UK. Anthony Eden was an English politician who served as Foreign Secretary thrice in his career, and later also became the Prime Minister of UK. He carved out a career in the Foreign Office during important periods in the Second World War and the Cold War, and played a key role in regulating foreign policies to face the rise of the fascist powers. Born and raised in a conservative English family, he displayed great courage and ability in combat service during the First World War. His political ascent was steady, as he moved through a series of government posts mainly dealing with foreign affairs. As Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, most of his tenure was dominated by the search for some form of binding agreement with the dictators on arms and territorial disputes. After Churchill’s retirement, Eden finally took the lead as the British Prime Minister, but it lasted only until his resignation a year later after the Suez Crisis. Even though, he justified that his action of an Israeli attack on Egypt, following the nationalization of Suez Canal, was to the best of British commercial interests, the badly performed invasion overshadowed his worldwide reputation as a skilled diplomat and brought an end to his political career. Despite the fact that he is most recalled for his controversial handling of the Suez crisis, Anthony Eden was undoubtedly a very able and committed politician


Anthony Eden died on January 14, 1977, from liver cancer in Salisbury, England, at the age of 79


Later in life, he published three volumes of political memoirs, ‘Full Circle’ (1960), ‘Facing the Dictators’ (1962), and ‘The Reckoning’ (1965)


In January 1957, Eden resigned from the office due to health problems


In April 1955, when Churchill finally retired, Eden succeeded him as the Prime Minister of UK


In 1954, as the Foreign Secretary of the State and Deputy Prime Minister, he helped to resolve the Anglo-Iranian oil dispute, to settle the quarrel between Italy and Yugoslavia over Trieste, to stop the Indochina War, and to establish the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO)


In 1952, he married Winston Churchill's niece, Clarissa Spencer-Churchill, a nominal Roman Catholic


In October 1951, after the Conservatives returned to office, he was appointed the Foreign Secretary for a third time, and was also designated the Deputy Prime Minister


Unfortunately, the couple later broke up under the strain of a son who went missing in action during the World War II and finally got divorced in 1950


From 1945 to 1951, Eden served in opposition as Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party


In December 1940, he returned to the Foreign Office, and became in charge of handling much of the relations between Britain and de Gaulle during the last years of the war


Upon the outbreak of World War II in 1939, he returned to Chamberlain's government with the post of ‘Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs’


In December 1935, he first became the ‘Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs’, a post he served until February 1938


In 1934, he was appointed Lord Privy Seal and the following year, he became the Minister for the ‘League of Nations’ in Stanley Baldwin's Government


In 1931, he was appointed the Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs


During the 1924–1929 Conservative Government, Eden had his first stint in the administration


He was later elected to the House of Commons in the December 1923 general election, as a Conservative


In November 1922 general election, Anthony Eden first contested for a seat but lost


During World War I, he served with the 21st (Yeoman Rifles) Battalion of the King's Royal Rifle Corps, and reached the rank of captain


From 1907 to 1910, he received his education from Sandroyd School and later attended the Eton College


Robert Anthony Eden was born on June 12, 1897, at Windlestone Hall, County Durham, England, to Sir William Eden, a baronet who belonged to an old titled family, and his wife, Sybil Frances Grey

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