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Anne Boleyn

Marquess of Pembroke
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Net worth 2018: Under Review
Industry: Leaders
Residence: Hever
Country: British
Died On: May 19, 1536

Anne Boleyn was born in Hever, British, is Marquess of Pembroke. Anne Boleyn was one of the six wives of Henry VIII whose brief but amazing life continues to interest historians. She was the queen of England only for a period of three years but she has left a legacy that is still strong today. She is widely regarded as the reason for the birth of Anglicanism, and the heroine in the saga of England breaking away from the Roman Catholic Church. She refused to be the King’ mistress and Henry had to disobey Pope Clement VII in order to annul his marriage with first wife, Catherine of Aragon. There is a lot of mystery surrounding her personal faith and her role in the English Reformation. Historians disagree as to whether she was a martyr of the ‘new religion’ and a zealous defender of the true Gospel or a conventional Catholic who did not reject the established religion and its rituals. She left behind two important legacies in the form of her step-daughter, Mary, and daughter, Elizabeth. Mary became obsessed with returning England to Papal rule which resulted in history labeling her ‘Bloody Mary’ while Elizabeth reigned for over 44 glorious years and saved England from foreign invasion. The truth probably is that she did not purposely initiate the Age of Reformation in England


The queen, pregnant again, was aware of the dangers if she failed to give birth to a sonHenry had begun courting Jane Seymour and when the queen miscarried a second time in 1536, he declared that he had been seduced into the marriage by means of deception


The royal couple enjoyed a happy time but she was blamed for the tyranny of the king who executed Sir Thomas More and Bishop John Fisher who were her enemies in 1535


In 1534, the Act of Succession was introduced to exclude Catherine’s daughter Mary from the succession and settled in favor of the children born from Henry’s marriage to Anne, which was proclaimed legal


Following a lavish coronation ceremony in 1533, she gave birth to Elizabeth I, their only child


By the mid 1520s, Anne was attracting the attention of many men and soon Henry VIII himself fell in love with the maid


Anne stayed with Margaret from spring 1513 till October of the following year when her father arranged for her to attend Henry VIII's sister Mary, who was about to marry Louis XII of France

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