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Anna Magnani

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Net worth 2018: $18 Million
Residence: Rome
Country: Italian
BirthDay: 7 March 1908
Sigh: Aries
Died On: September 26, 1973
Education: French convent school

Anna Magnani was bornon 7 March 1908 in Rome, Italian, is Actress. Anna Magnani was an Oscar winning actress who dominated Italian cinema for more than three decades and at the same time acted in many hit Hollywood films. Although she was not very glamorous in the accepted sense of the term she came to be known as ‘La Lupa’ or ‘The Living She Wolf Symbol’ of Italian cinema. Some also referred to her as ‘The Perennial Toast of Rome’. Indeed, she was rather short and plump, her eyes were encircled by deep shadows and a disorganized mass of hair always surrounded her face; yet she bubbled with earthiness that her fans found so very fascinating. More importantly, she could portray all kinds of emotions so strongly that when she laughed the spectators laughed with her and when she cried, they could feel the sadness in their heart. Personally, she was a bundle of contradiction. She had such a violent temper and had known to throw plates and glasses in fits of rage. At the same time, she was a loving mother and worked hard to make sure that his polio stricken son would have a respectable life. May be it was her unhappy childhood that had created such incongruity in her.


Anna Magnani died in 1973 in Rome from pancreatic cancer


’Wild is the Wind’ and ‘SuorLetizia’ (1957), ’NellaCitta' L'Inferno’(1958), ‘The Fugitive’ (1959), ‘Mamma Roma’ (1962), The ‘Secret of Santa Vittoria’ (1969), ‘Correval'anno di grazia 1870’ (1971) and ‘Roma’ (1972) are few other successful movies in which she had excelled as an actress


This 1955 film was based on the play by Tennessee Williams


From then onwards Anna Magnani acted in number of successful films such as Luigi Zampa’s'L'onorevole ' (1947); Rossellini’s ‘The Human Voice’ and ‘The Miracle’ of ‘La more’ series (1948); William Dieterie‘Volcano’ (1950);Luchino Visconti's ‘Bellissima’ (1951) and Jean Renoir's ‘Le Carrossed'or’ (The Golden Coach, 1953)


The year 1946 was another significant one in the life of Anna Magnani


Her next major film, ‘Roma, cittàaperta’ (Rome, Open City, 1945), directed by Roberto Rossellini, brought her international fame


Later in 1944, Anna had a relationship with film director Roberto Rossellini


In 1943, Anna was offered interesting roles in several films


He was born on October 29, 1942 and was named Cellino (Luca)


'La fuggitiva' in 1941 and 'La fortunaviene dal cielo' in 1942 were two such films


In 1935, Anna Magnani married film director Goffredo Alessandrini


Some of these movies include 'Tempo massimo' (1934); 'Quei due' (1935); 'Cavalleria (1936); 'Trenta secondi d'amore' (1936); 'La principessa Tarakanova (1938)) and 'Unalampada all finestra' (1940)


Next in 1927, they went to Argentina for the same purpose


In 1926, she joined an acting company and toured all over Italy with them


Anna Magnani was born on March 7, 1908 in PortaPia in Rome, Italy

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