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Andrei Molchanov

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Net worth 2018: $1.31 Billion
Residence: Moscow, Russia
Country: Russia
Children: 5
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, St Petersburg State University; Masters of Public Administration, Russian State Academy of Management

Andrei Molchanov was born in Moscow, Russia, Russia. Andrei Molchanov is #1780 in List Billionaires People In The World. After receiving his Ph.D. in economics from St. Petersburg State University, Andrei Molchanov and a classmate started a residential construction business in 1994. During Russia's privatization era, he bought Lenstroireconstruktsiya (LSR), until then one of the largest city-owned construction firms. He took it public in 2007 and became its CEO in 2015. It is now Russia's largest real estate developer. A former member of Russia's Federation Council, he quit in 2013 after a law was passed that barred members of the Russian government from holding bank accounts or other assets abroad, His stepfather was for many years the vice governor of St. Petersburg.


$1.8 Billion


$3.2 Billion


$1.7 Billion


$1.65 Billion


$1.3 Billion


$1.3 Billion


$1.31 Billion

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