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Anders Celsius

Astronomer, Physicist, Mathematician
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Net worth 2018: Under Review
Industry: Scientists
Residence: Uppsala
Country: Swedish
BirthDay: 27 November 1701
Died On: April 25, 1744
Education: Uppsala University

Anders Celsius was bornon 27 November 1701 in Uppsala, Swedish, is Astronomer, Physicist, Mathematician. Anders Celsius was a Swedish astronomer, physicist and mathematician who proposed the Celsius temperature scale and founded the Uppsala Observatory. Born in Sweden, he was raised in the shadow of his father, an astronomy professor. Anders showed an extraordinary talent in mathematics from childhood and after completing his education, decided to become an astronomer. He made earlier observations concerning aurora borealis (northern lights) and is regarded as the first astronomer to suggest a connection between aurora borealis and changes in the Earth's magnetic field. He also assessed the brightness of stars with measuring tools. Later, he participated in an expedition which proved the Newton’s theory that the Earth has the shape of an ellipsoid, flattened at the poles. After succeeding in the expedition, he laid the foundation of Uppsala Astronomical Observatory, the oldest astronomical observatory in Sweden. However, he is most famous for the temperature scale he proposed based on the boiling and freezing points of water. Later on, a reversed form of his original design was adopted as the standard and used in almost all the scientific works. He started many other research projects but died unexpectedly before he could complete most of them. He was an extraordinary astronomer, and as a tribute to his accomplishments, the standard unit on the temperature scale, “Celsius”, is named after him.


He died of tuberculosis on April 25, 1744, in Uppsala, Sweden, at the age of 42


In 1742, he proposed a temperature scale based on the boiling and freezing points of water, which was the reverse of the scale now known by the name ‘Celsius’


In 1741, he founded the Uppsala Astronomical Observatory


In 1739, he supported the formation of the ‘Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ in Stockholm


In 1736, he participated in the ‘Lapland expedition’ organized by ‘French Academy of Sciences’


In 1733, he published a collection of 316 observations of the aurora borealis, made by him and others scientists from 1716 to 1732


From 1732 to 1736, he traveled extensively to other countries to expand his knowledge as an astronomer, and also visited observatories in Berlin and Nuremburg to conduct extensive research


His published works include ‘A Dissertation on a New Method of Determining the Distance of the Sun from the Earth’ (1730) and ‘Disquisition on Observations Made in France for Determining the Shape of the Earth’ (1738)


He was born on November 27, 1701, in Uppsala, Sweden, to Nils Celsius, an astronomy professor at the Uppsala University

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