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Anastasio Somoza García

President of Nicaragua
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Net worth 2018: $60 Million
Industry: Leaders
Residence: San Marcos, Carazo
Country: Nicaraguan
BirthDay: 1 February 1896
Sigh: Pisces
Died On: September 29, 1956
Education: Peirce College

Anastasio Somoza García was bornon 1 February 1896 in San Marcos, Carazo, Nicaraguan, is President of Nicaragua. Anastasio Somoza Garcia was the long-time president of Nicaragua and founder of a dynasty that ruled the country for 50 years. He was born to wealth and privilege in an elite family with strong commercial and governing experience. His well-heeled family sent the young lad to the United States as a teenager in order to complete his education. While in America, Anastasio met another wealthy Nicaraguan exile and later married her. Returning to Nicaragua after finishing his education, this ambitious young man floundered for a few years. However, when a foreign power invaded his country to intervene in a civil war, Somoza made good use of his interpreting skills to secure himself an elevated position in the new government. Later being appointed head of his country's national police force, Anastasio quickly seized the reins of power. He used his new position to order the assassination of a rebel general, followed by the massacre of the rebel general's supporters. Somoza then dismissed the president and installed himself in the top slot. Using nepotism, corruption and classically brutal dictatorship tactics, Somoza extracted vast amounts of wealth from his country for his own personal benefit. Supported and aided by a foreign power, Somoza and his family ran Nicaragua like a medieval fiefdom until an assassin's bullet fatally wounded him during a party.


$60 Million


On September 21, 1956, a poet shot Somoza in the city of Leon


In 1955, he amended the Constitution to allow him to compete for another term in office the following year


In 1954, Somoza collaborated with the United States and sent troops to Guatemala to help overthrow their democratically-elected government


In 1950, despite widespread allegations of vote rigging and electoral fraud, he was elected president of Nicaragua


Only in mid-1948 did Somoza successfully get the United States to recognize his government again


In May 1947, Leonardo Arguello was elected president of Nicaragua


By 1944, he became the largest landowner in the country


"In 1941, the dictator declared war against Japan, Germany and Italy


In 1938, Somoza had the Constitution amended to cede almost all governing powers to the president


Anastasio Somoza Garcia was officially the president of Nicaragua twice, from January 1, 1937 to May 1, 1947, and from May 21, 1950 to September 29, 1956


In June 1936, the authoritarian head of National Gaurd forced President Sacasa to resign


In 1935, he ordered the National Guard to massacre several supporters of the assassinated rebel general and appropriate their land


On February 21, 1934, he violated peace talks by having a rebel general assassinated


In 1933, Somoza's uncle, Juan Bautista Sacasa, was elected president


In 1929, Jose Maria Moncada became president of Nicaragua


In 1926, Somoza joined an armed rebellion seeking to install his uncle as president of Nicaragua


Anastasio Somoza Garcia aka Tacho was born on February 1, 1896 in San Marcos, Nicaragua

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