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Allen Jones

Allen Jones’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $300,000
Industry: Miscellaneous
Residence: Southampton, United Kingdom
Country: British
BirthDay: 1 September 1937
Sigh: Libra
Education: Royal College of Art, Hornsey College of Art

Allen Jones was bornon 1 September 1937 in Southampton, United Kingdom, British, is Artist. Allen Jones is a renowned British artist, sculptor, lithographer and arts teacher. He has been awarded with one of the most prestigious awards in artistry; The Prix des Jeunes Artistes in 1963 and along with that, he has also received the post of senior Academician at the coveted Royal Academy of Arts. His popularity started increasing with his pop art influenced creations in the early 60’s and since then, his works have been exhibited and received accolades in many countries around the globe in both the solo and group sections. Apart from creating art for his personal purpose, he has been actively involved in many films and TV shows, working as a production designer for them, such as ‘Oh Calcutta!’, ‘Manner Win Kommen’ and ‘Understanding Opera’. As an artist, Allen’s prestige is unmatchable and he has earned a rightful place among the best artists in the world alive today. Other than creating art, he has been a professor of arts in institutes such as Croydon College of Art, Chelsea School of Art, universities in Berlin, Los Angeles and France.


In 2009, he was honoured with watercolour room in the Royal Academy, and the academy further honoured him by including a ‘Retrospective on Jones’ series which ran for 3 months in late 2014 to 2015


In 2007, Southampton Solent University awarded Allen a doctorate of Arts degree and his paintings and sculptors kept moving from exhibitions to exhibitions in United States and Europe


In early 80’s, he taught art in Berlin University as a guest lecturer and in 1986, his work was showcased in Vienna among the works of artists such as Brian Eno and Tony Cragg


In 1979, he had one of the biggest exhibitions of his work in Liverpool in the Walker Art Gallery and the same exhibition was later taken to Serpentine Gallery in London


In 1977, he created a painting titled ‘Santa Monica Shores’ on a traditional canvas


This new found appreciation from filmmakers got him signed on for a film titled ‘Maitresse’ in 1975, which ran into controversy due to the provocative display of Allen’s sculptures


Master director Stanley Kubrick was also a big fan of Allen and included several of his sculptures in his 1971 film ‘A Clockwork Orange’


He moved back to London in 1969 and completed his next work titled ‘Chair’, which indulged in eroticism and sado-masochist themes


He delivered lectures in University of Florida for some time and in 1968 he forayed into ‘structure art’ for the first time with a creation titled ‘Life Class’


From 1961 to 1963, Allen taught in Croydon College of Arts and in 1963, he received ‘Prix des Jeunes Artistes’


Allen Jones was born in Southampton, England on September 1, 1937 to a factory worker father and a homemaker mother


As a result of introduction to American pop art, he migrated to New York City and Allen spent most of his time roaming around the city, while exploring different art galleries to have a better understanding of the explicit arts made by American artists in 1930s and 40s

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