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Allen Dulles

Former Diplomat & Head of CIA
Allen Dulles’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $250,000
Industry: Miscellaneous
Residence: Watertown, New York
Country: United States
BirthDay: 7 April 1893
Sigh: Taurus
Died On: January 29, 1969
Education: George Washington University, Yale University, Princeton University

Allen Dulles was bornon 7 April 1893 in Watertown, New York, American, is Former Diplomat & Head of CIA. Allen Welsh Dulles was the first civilian Director of the CIA and its longest-serving director till date. Since a very young age, Dulles took a keen interest in the political issues plaguing his country by being an active participant of the ‘American Whig-Cliosophic Society’. Allen’s years as a diplomat, and a member of the CIA were some of the most challenging times of his career since he lived in a time when the world was torn apart by the World Wars. He played an important role in helping the United States gather information about Adolf Hitler and his plans, in a bid to end his atrocious administration. The efforts of Dulles played a key role in the capture of German troops stationed near Italy. He has also penned his experiences of being a diplomat and an employee of the CIA in the book ‘The Craft of Intelligence’. He was quite popular among some of the greatest leaders of his times such as Benito Mussolini and Vladimir Lenin.


From 1998 to 2008, Avery Dulles taught at the Forindham University


On January 29, 1969, Allen Dulles succumbed to Influenza, which was further complicated by Pneumonia


Based on his experience as an intelligence agent, Dulles published the book ‘The Craft of Intelligence’ in 1963


The highlight of Dulles career was the year 1950, when he joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as the Deputy Director of Plans


In 1944, these individuals also gave Dulles details regarding the ‘V1’ and ‘V2’ missiles which the dictator wanted to use during the war


Dulles changed career from diplomacy to that of a lawyer in 1926


Dulles worked as a legal adviser to the delegation of arms limitations associated with the ‘League of Nations’, in the late 1920s


Dulles was appointed to the American Diplomat Service in 1916


Allen Dulles was born on April 7, 1893 in New York to Edith Dulles and Allen Macy Dulles, who was a minister

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