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Alice Schwartz

Alice Schwartz’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $1.13 Billion
Industry: Other
Residence: El Cerrito, California
Country: United States
Children: 2
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of California Berkeley

Alice Schwartz was born in El Cerrito, California, United States. With $720 in savings, Schwartz and her husband David launched Bio-Rad Laboratories in a Berkeley Quonset hut in 1952. Early products included ion exchange resins, which are substances used to facilitate pharmaceutical manufacturing and lab research. Bio-Rad now sells 10,000 life science research and clinical diagnostics products. Revenues total $2 billion. Schwartz, who was widowed in 2012, remains on the board of Bio-Rad; her son Norman is chairman and CEO.


$630 Million


$620 Million


$950 Million


$1.13 Billion


Consequently, in July 2016 Schwarzer was fined for tax fraud with a penalty at a six-digit range by the local court (Amtsgericht) of Cologne


In May 2014, German tax authorities and criminal prosecutors raided a number of real estates owned by Schwarzer


She campaigned against the law of 2002 that fully legalized brothels


When her journal EMMA changed to bimonthly release in 1993, she continued to write an increasing number of books, among them one about Petra Kelly and Gert Bastian, called Eine tödliche Liebe (Deadly Love), and biographies of Romy Schneider and Marion Dönhoff


From 1992 to 1993 she was host of the TV show Zeil um Zehn on German TV channel Hessischer Rundfunk


With her PorNo campaign, started in 1987, she advocated the banning of pornography in Germany, arguing that pornography violates the dignity of women, constitutes a form of medial violence against them, and contributes to misogyny and physical violence against women


In the 1980s, Schwarzer set up a bank account at the Zürich-based private bank Lienhardt & Partner, to keep her assets hidden from German tax authorities


In January 1977 the first issue of her journal EMMA was published


One of her best known books is Der kleine Unterschied und seine großen Folgen (The little difference and its huge consequences), which was released in 1975 and made her famous beyond the borders of Germany


In autumn 1971 she released her first book of the same title


From 1970 to 1974 she worked as a freelancer for different media in Paris


After studying in France, Schwarzer began a trainee journalism job in Düsseldorf in 1966


During World War II she evacuated to Bavaria, only returning to the Ruhr in 1950


Alice Schwarzer (born 3 December 1942 in Wuppertal) is a German journalist and prominent contemporary feminist

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