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Alexander Hamilton

Economist, Political Philosopher, Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
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Net worth 2018: $1.1 Million
Residence: Nevis, British West Indies
Country: United States
BirthDay: 11 January 1755
Sigh: Aquarius
Died On: July 12, 1804
Education: Columbia University

Alexander Hamilton was bornon 11 January 1755 in Nevis, British West Indies, American, is Economist, Political Philosopher, Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. Alexander Hamilton was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States; he was also a well-respected statesman and a successful military leader. Born out of wedlock in mid-eighteenth century, he spent his childhood among the lowest rung of the white society in St. Croix. Starting to work at the age of nine, he later received informal education from his mentors before being sent to the King’s College, New York to be trained as a doctor. Here, he was quickly drawn into politics, writing his first published article at the age of seventeen. Later he joined the War of Independence and came close to General Washington, who on becoming President of United States made him the first Secretary of Treasury. In this new avatar, Hamilton founded the nation’s financial policy, helping the government to tide over the chaos it had inherited from the revolution. A supporter of strong federal government, he also played significant role in the ratification of the new constitution and held slavery morally wrong.


While Hamilton’s shot hit branches above his opponent’s head, Burr’s shot wounded him fatally and he died from it on July 12, 1804


Hamilton’s affair with Maria Reynolds, which came to light in 1797, makes him the first American politician to become involved in a sex scandal


Eventually the two began an illicit affair that lasted until June 1792


In the summer of 1791, Hamilton met Maria Reynolds, married to some James Reynolds


On December 14, 1780, Alexander Hamilton married Elizabeth Schuyler, the daughter of Revolutionary War general, Philip Schuyler

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