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Net worth 2018: $1 Billion
Country: Russia
Education: Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Riga Institute of Civil Aviation

Alexander Girda was born in Russia. Co-founder of the first Russian food discount chain Pyatyorochka (now X5 Retail Group) which merged in 2006 with Perekriostok, a majority-owned subsidiary of Russia's Alfa Group. Also co-founded grocery hypermarket chain Carousel which merged with X5 in 2009. Produced two Russian movies The Strawberries Time and Do Not Think of White Monkeys. Currently resides in London.


$1 Billion


$1 Billion


He also worked with a 19th-century textile mill he discovered in central Mexico, to create a line of handwoven 100% cotton fabrics


Opening in 1982, this unorthodox and delightful exhibition was designed and installed by Girard, and remains popular with the public


In 1978, Girard contributed his immense collection to the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States


In 1971 he developed 40 screen printed graphics on fabrics for Robert Propst’s Action Office 2 System


The Compound Restaurant (1967), in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is in a clean modern yet traditional New Mexican style with inlaid Mexicotton ceiling tiles and nichos featuring a mix of folk art and Girard’s own designs


Girard was also commissioned by Brody to design the L'Etoile Restaurant (1966) in the Sherry Netherlands Hotel, New York, a French restaurant with austere decor featuring a range of silver and greys featuring glass engraved with the names of French luminaries and daisy shaped tables in the bar


In May, 1965, Girard began his design work for Braniff International Airways re-branding campaign called “The End of the Plain Plane”


In 1962, Girard and his wife established the Girard Foundation in Santa Fe to manage their art collection that numbered over 100,000 pieces, including toys, dolls, icons, and other ethnic expressions


In 1960 Girard designed every aspect of the 'La Fonda del Sol' restaurant located in the Time-Life building in Manhattan, New York


In 1956, Just Lunning, president of Georg Jensen, commissioned Girard to design seven table settings for an exhibition on 5th Avenue in New York


The museum opened to the public in 1953 and has gained national and international recognition as home to the world’s largest collection of folk art


In 1952, Alexander Girard was hired to head the fabric and textile division


T&O closed in shortly after opening, due to insufficient marketing and a public was not quite ready to add such colorful and exotic objects to the typical 1950’s palette of their homes


He was raised in Florence, Italy and in 1917 he was sent as a boarder to Bedford Modern School in England leaving in 1924 to study architecture in London


Alexander Girard (May 24, 1907 – December 31, 1993), affectionately known as Sandro, was an architect, interior designer, furniture designer, industrial designer and a textile designer

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