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Aldo Leopold

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Net worth 2018: Under Review
Industry: Writers
Residence: Burlington
Country: United States
BirthDay: 11 January 1887
Sigh: Aquarius
Died On: April 21, 1948
Education: Sheffield Scientific School, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University, Lawrenceville School

Aldo Leopold was bornon 11 January 1887 in Burlington, American. Aldo Leopold was a well known ecologist, forester, environmentalist, scientist and a well-known American author. Besides teaching at the University of Wisconsin, he also authored “A Sand County Almanac”. With this book, he introduced his opinion on ‘land ethic’, his innovative ideas about the preservation of land. It was Aldo who, for the first time, used the term ‘wilderness’ to describe wildlife preservation. He played a crucial role in the development of Gila Wilderness, the first national wilderness area in the Forest Service system. He was the co-founder of the Wilderness Society and Wildlife Society. Possessing great expertise on wildlife management, he campaigned for the scientific management of wildlife habitats by public as well as private landholders. Through his book “Game Management”, he discussed the necessary technique of managing and restoring wildlife population. Apart from that, he published more than 300 articles, papers and newsletters on scientific concepts and received wide recognition for his articles on wilderness. His valuable suggestions regarding biodiversity and ecology had a great influence on the environmental movement. His new "ecological ethic" stressed the importance of predators in the balance of nature. It helped in the return of bears and mountain lions to New Mexico wilderness.


In 1943, he took the responsibility of the Wisconsin Conservation Commission for a six-year term


In 1939, the University of Wisconsin appointed him as the chairman of a new Department of Wildlife Management


In 1936, he set up a society of wildlife specialists


In 1935, after getting a Carl Schruz fellowship, he went to Germany to study forestry and wildlife management


In 1933, he worked in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Wisconsin as a new chair of game management


In 1930, he played a pivotal part in formulating the American Game Policy as the chairman of the Game Policy Institute of the American Game Conference


In 1924, he took the responsibility of an associate director of the U


In 1923, he finished writing the “Watershed Handbook”


He tied the nuptial knot with Estella Bergere on October 9, 1912


In 1911, he worked at the Carson National Forest in northern New Mexico as deputy supervisor


In 1909, he served as a forest assistant at the Apache National Forest in the Arizona Territory


In 1905, he studied at Sheffield Scientific School at Yale


In 1904, he attended The Lawrenceville School, a preparatory college in New Jersey so that he could enter Yale University

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