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Alberto Fujimori

Former President of Peru
Alberto Fujimori’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $600 Million
Industry: Presidents
Residence: Lima
Country: Peruvian
BirthDay: 28 July 1938
Sigh: Leo

Alberto Fujimori was bornon 28 July 1938 in Lima, Peruvian, is Former President of Peru. Alberto Fujimori is a former Peruvian politician who went on to become the President of Peru and served in that capacity for nearly a decade. The highly educated Fujimori served as an academician for several years and later contested the presidential elections. His victory was a big surprise and earned him the title of being ‘The first Asian man to become the President of Peru’. Peru was in shambles when Fujimori took over. Few of the great achievements of his administration were stabilising the Peruvian economy by relaxing various trading regulations, and bringing Maoist insurgency under control to a great extent. During his first tenure Fujimori suspended the constitution and carried out a Presidential coup. The coup was severely condemned by the international community but it was widely welcomed by the Peruvian public. Though Fujimori brought a significant change to Peru, he was also widely criticized for his ‘dictatorship’ style of leadership, which also became a reason for his downfall. All the reputation that Fujimori earned through the years was spoilt due to incidents such as forced sterilization of women to control population. Later, it was also revealed that Fujimori was involved in crimes such as drug trafficking and illegal trading of arms and ammunitions. Fujimori was tried in court for several offences and was sentenced for 25 years. He is currently serving his sentence in prison.


$600 Million


In 2009, Fujimori was tried by a Peruvian court for several instances of human rights violation


Fujimori contested presidential elections for the third time in the year 2000


According to an operation conducted by intelligence agency Vladimiro Montesinos, between the years 1996 and 2000, Fujimori administration had apparently forced around 300,000 women to undergo sterilisation to control the growing population in Peru


One of the first tasks which the government undertook during 1995 was taking actions against police officers who had violated human rights in the past fifteen years


Fujimori’s administration is famously known for the ‘Constitutional Crisis of 1992’, one of the most sensational events of modern political history


Fujimori founded a political party named ‘Cambio 90’ in 1990


He was also appointed as the rector of the university later on, before stepping down in 1989


In 1984, Fujimori became the dean of the Universidad Nacional Agraria


In 1974, Fujimori got married to Susana Higuchi, a woman of Japanese origin but raised in Peru, just like him


He went to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’, United States on Ford scholarship and obtained a Master degree in Mathematics, in 1969


Fujimori moved to France in 1964 to study Physics at the prestigious ‘University of Strasbourg’


In 1957, he went on to pursue a degree in Agricultural Engineering from ‘Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina’ and graduated in 1961


Alberto Fujimori was born on 28 July 1938, to Japanese parents named Mutsue Inomoto Fujimori and Naoichi Fujimori


His parents had immigrated to Peru from Japan in 1934

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