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Aga Khan IV

Imam of Nizari Ismailism
Aga Khan IV’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $1 Billion
Residence: Geneva
Country: British
BirthDay: 13 December 1936
Sigh: Capricorn
Education: Harvard University, Institut Le Rosey

Aga Khan IV was bornon 13 December 1936 in Geneva, British, is Imam of Nizari Ismailism. Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan (IV) is a Swiss-born British business tycoon, as well as the 49th and current Imam of ‘Nizari Ismailism’. Educated in Switzerland and at Harvard University, he was chosen as the successor to the imamate of the Nizārī Ismāʿīlī sect by his grandfather, the Aga Khan III, whom he succeeded in 1957. During the early years of his reign, he initiated visits to gain the trust of people of the community and emerged as a strong leader, ordering his followers to become citizens of the countries in which they resided, and to leave countries where they faced trouble and persecution. He is also known for his business acumen, and his extensive private holdings include hotels, airlines, and newspapers. Through organizations such as the ‘Aga Khan Foundation’, the imamate funded aid agencies offering educational, health, and housing services in South Asia and East Africa. He became the spiritual leader of the world’s Ismaili Muslims and currently chairs the ‘Aga Khan Development Network’. One of the world's ten richest royals, ‘His Royal Highness’ has been on the throne for more than 50 years. Among the various works he has undertaken during his reign, the prominent ongoing ones are the elimination of global poverty, the promotion and implementation of secular pluralism, the advancement of the status of women, and the honoring of Islamic art and architecture.


$1 Billion


The couple filed for divorce which was finalized after several years in 2014


The couple had a son, Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan, born in 2000


In 1998, he got married to Gabriele zu Leiningen, who assumed the title of ‘Begum Inaara Aga Khan’


Their marriage officially ended in 1995, after 11 years of separation


The couple remained married for 25 years but they separated in 1984 after he became engaged in multiple extra-marital affairs


In 1969, he married a former British model Sarah Frances Croker-Poole, who assumed the title of ‘Begum Salimah Aga Khan’


In 1957, when his grandfather passed away, he was thrust into the position of the Aga Khan (IV)


Following the death of his grandfather, the Aga Khan III, he became the 49th Imam of the Nizari Ismailis, at the age of 20


He was born on December 13, 1936, in Geneva, Switzerland, to Prince Aly Khan, and his first wife, Princess Tajuddawlah Aly Khan, the eldest daughter of the 3rd Baron Churston

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