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Adolf Eichmann

One of the Main Organizers of the Holocaust
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Net worth 2018: $1.1 Million
Industry: War Criminals
Residence: Solingen, Rhine Province, Germany
Country: German
BirthDay: 19 March 1906
Sigh: Aries
Died On: May 31, 1962

Adolf Eichmann was bornon 19 March 1906 in Solingen, Rhine Province, Germany, German, is One of the Main Organizers of the Holocaust. Adolf Eichmann or Otto Adolf Eichmann was a SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer or a lieutenant colonel in the German Army who played an important role in organizing the Holocaust in which almost six million Jews from different countries were exterminated. He was given the job to collect data and make the arrangements to deport Jews from different European cities under German control during the Second World War by his immediate superior Lieutenant General Reinhard Heydrich. He arranged a meeting where his superior Heydrich and other German heads of various administrative and military services gathered to discuss and agree upon the fate of the millions of Jews living in German occupied areas in Europe. Eichmann executed the decision that was taken in this meeting and was responsible for sending the Jews to various concentration camps where they were exterminated by the use of poisonous gas and other methods. When the war ended with the defeat of Nazi Germany, Eichmann and many other officers in the German SS fled to different countries where they asked for asylum by disguising their actual identities. He was captured by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad and was hanged in 1962 after being found guilty of war crimes in a well-publicized trial by the Israeli court.


In 1960 the Israeli intelligence service finally arrested and brought him to Israel to stand trial on fifteen charges including crimes against the Jewish people and humanity


He lived in Austria up to 1950 after which he fled to Argentina and took shelter there under a false identity


He was captured by the Allies when Germany was defeated in 1945, but escaped to Austria in 1946


When Germany invaded Hungary in March 1944, he supervised the deportation of almost 437,000 Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz and other concentration camps for extermination


After the Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942, Eichmann was given the prime responsibility of deporting the Jews to extermination camps where they were to be killed in the gas chambers as part of the ‘Final Solution’


He became an SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer or Lieutenant Colonel during the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941


In 1940 he deported almost 7,000 Baden and Saarpfalz Jews to France


He moved from the SD to the Gestapo in 1939 and became the head of section IV D4 (Clearing Activities) of the RSHA in 1940 and then head of section IV B4 (Jewish Affairs) in March 1941


He was posted at an office in Vienna, Austria to help organize Jewish emigration which started its operations from August 20, 1938


In 1936 he was promoted to the rank of squad leader or SS-Hauptscharfuhrer equivalent to a sergeant and then to the rank of SS-Untersturmfuhrer equivalent to a second lieutenant in 1937


He joined Himmler’s Security Service the ‘Sicherheitsdienst’ or the SD in 1934


In December 1933 his unit was disbanded and he was promoted to SS-Scharfuhrer which was equivalent to a corporal or squad leader


On April 1, 1932 he joined the Nazi Party and seven months later joined the SS


During the period 1927-1933 he worked as a district agent in the Salzburg district of Upper Austria for the ‘Vacuum Oil Company’


From 1925 to 1927 he worked at the ‘Oberosterreichische Elektrobau AG’ as a sales clerk


In 1914 his family moved to Linz, Austria, where his father had joined the ‘Linz Tramway and Electrical Company’ as a Commercial Manager one year earlier


Adolf Eichmann was born in Solingen in the Rhine Province of Germany on March 19, 1905

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