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Abdul Rasyid

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Net worth 2018: $780 Million
Industry: Manufacturing
Country: Indonesia
BirthDay: 1954

Abdul Rasyid was bornon 1954 in Indonesia, is EntrepreneurEntrepreneur. Former timber baron's fortune now lies primarily in listed palm oil plantation firm Sawit Sumbermas Sarana. The company's palm oil plantations are located in the Indonesian province of Central Kalimantan. Multinational firm Unilever suspended its purchases from Sawit Sumbermas in June 2017, citing its breach of the sustainable palm oil sourcing policy.


$1.1 Million


$780 Million


A small group of armed foreign fighters were transferred to the 19th century prison fortress, Qala-i-Jangi


Navid Negahban portrays Dostum in the 2018 film 12 Strong


In 2017 he was accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a political rival, claims that he denies and that forced him into exile in Turkey


In July 2016 Human Rights Watch accused Abdul Rashid Dostum's National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan of killing, abusing and looting civilians in the northern Faryab Province during June


Dostum was directly chosen as First Vice President of Afghanistan in the April–June 2014 Afghan presidential election, next to Ashraf Ghani as President and Sarwar Danish as second Vice President


"On 7 October 2013, the day after filing his nomination for the 2014 general elections as running mate of Ashraf Ghani, Dostum, being accused of massacring civilians and prisoners including the Dasht-i-Leili massacre (suffocating of 2,000 Taliban prisoners in December 2001), uttered a press statement that some news media were willing to welcome as "apologies": "Many mistakes were made during the civil war (…) It is time we apologize to the Afghan people who were sacrificed due to our negative policies (…) I apologize to the people who suffered from the violence and civil war (…)"


From 2011 he was part of the leadership council of the National Front of Afghanistan along with Ahmad Zia Massoud and Mohammad Mohaqiq


On 16 August 2009, Dostum made a requested return from exile to Afghanistan to support President Hamid Karzai in his bid for re-election


Some media reports in 2008 stated earlier that Dostum was "seeking political asylum" in Turkey while others said he was exiled


He viewed the ISAF forces attempt to crush the Taliban as ineffective and has gone on record saying in 2007 that he could mop up the Taliban "in six months" if allowed to raise a 10,000 strong army of Afghan veterans


On 20 May 2003, Dostum narrowly escaped an assassination attempt


General Dostum has been accused by Western journalists of responsibility for the suffocating or otherwise killing of 2,000 Taliban prisoners in December 2001


When Dostum was ruling his northern Afghanistan proto-state before the Taliban took over in 1998, women were able to go about unveiled, girls were allowed to go to school and study at the University of Balkh, cinemas showed Indian films, music played on television, and Russian vodka and German beer were openly available – activities which were all banned by the Taliban


In October 1997, Dostum returned from exile and retook charge


The Northern Alliance was assembled in late 1996 by Dostum, Massoud and Karim Khalili against the Taliban


In 1994, Dostum allied himself with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar against the government of Burhanuddin Rabbani and Ahmad Shah Massoud, but in 1995 sided with the government again


In April 1992, the opposition forces began their march to Kabul against the government of Najibullah


They were deployed in Kandahar in 1988 when Soviet forces were withdrawing from Afghanistan


He defended the Soviet-backed Afghan government against the mujahideen forces throughout the 1980s


Because of the new communist ideas entering Afghanistan in the 1970s, he enlisted in the Afghan National Army in 1978


Dostum was born in 1954 in Khwaja Du Koh near Sheberghan in Jowzjan Province, Afghanistan


This eventually became a regiment and later became incorporated into the defense forces as the 53rd Infantry Division

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