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Abdoulaye Wade

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Net worth 2018: $82 Million
Industry: Presidents
Residence: Kébémer Department
Country: Senegalese
BirthDay: 29 May 1926
Sigh: Gemini
Education: University of Dakar

Abdoulaye Wade was bornon 29 May 1926 in Kébémer Department, Senegalese, is Politician. Abdoulaye Wade is a Senegalese politician, lawyer, and professor, who served as the President of Senegal from 2000 to 2012. He became the president after several years of bidding for the office before finally getting elected to the post. He easily won the re-election for a second term but had to step down after being defeated in his attempt for a third term. Brilliant from a young age, he won a scholarship to study in France. Upon his return to Senegal he embarked on a career as a professor of law and also became actively involved in politics. He founded the Senegalese Democratic Party (Parti Démocratique Sénégalais; PDS) as an opposition to the ruling Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste; PS) in 1974. Starting from 1978, he made four unsuccessful bids for the presidency before finally winning the election in 2000. His first term as the president was a successful one and he was appreciated for the much-needed reforms he introduced in the nation. Even though he easily won the re-election, his second term was not as successful as the previous one and he lost his bid for a third term. However, even in his defeat he gained acclaim for his commitment to democracy as he stepped down peacefully unlike a few other African leaders who had resorted to violence in an attempt to hold on to power.


$82 Million


Admitting his defeat, Wade stepped down from his position on April 2, 2012


Wade’s commission of establishing an enormous statue at during Senegal’s 50th independence anniversary celebration in April 2010 drew a lot of criticism from people


Former head of the national agency of the Islamic Organization Conference, Karim Wade has served as the Minister of State for International Cooperation, Urban and Regional Planning, Air Transport, and Infrastructure since May 2009, while his daughter is a Special Assistant to the President who has participated in many Paris-Dakar rallies


In the 2007 presidential elections, Wade once again won and continued as the president for another term


Thus Abdoulaye Wade took up the chair of the President of Senegal on April 1, 2000


After spending a year in France, Wade returned to Senegal in October 1999


Though he was elected to the National Assembly in the February 1998 parliamentary election, he announced his resignation from the National Assembly in late July 1998, stating that there were enough deputies who could take up his position


Abdoulaye Wade rejoined the government as the Minister of State in 1995 but continued with the profile only until 1998


Meanwhile, Wade maintained close contacts with Abdou Diouf and spent a year and a half as a Minister of State without portfolio in the early 1990s


He would make two more unsuccessful attempts in 1988 and 1993


In 1983, Wade made another bid for presidency, which was again unsuccessful


Senghor stepped down from the presidency in 1981 and was succeeded by Abdou Diouf


Abdoulaye Wade won a seat in the National Assembly in 1978


While PDS was initially intended as a Labour party, it adopted liberalism in 1976 in order to comply with some new legislation


Thus on 31 July 1974, Wade founded the Senegalese Democratic Party (Parti Démocratique Sénégalais; PDS) as an opposition party to Senghor’s Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste; PS)


in law and economics from the Sorbonne (now part of the Universities of Paris I–XIII) in 1970


While in France for his studies, Abdoulaye Wade met Vivian Vert and married her in 1963


According to official records, Abdoulaye Wade was born on 29 May 1926, in Kébémer, Senegal


Birth records in the 1920s Senegal were not much reliable

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