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Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $80 Million
Residence: New York
Country: United States
BirthDay: 9 June 1961
Sigh: Cancer
Height: 1.87 m
Education: Boston University Law School

Aaron Sorkin was bornon 9 June 1961 in New York, American, is Playwright. Writing is undoubtedly the most integral aspect of any movie, which also plays a great role in making or breaking one. As far as screenplay writing is concerned, Aaron Sorkin is one of the finest gems produced by America. He has won accolades from world over for his incredible rapid-fire style of dialogues, and lengthy monologues. Aaron has penned more than a dozen screenplays, including the recent blockbusters ‘The Social Network’ and ‘Moneyball’. He has also been the mastermind behind a few plays, and has done cameo appearances in around 7 movies such as ‘A Few Good Men’ and ‘The American President’. However, Sorkin has also worked without any credits on few international projects. When asked about why he aspired to be a writer, Aaron responded by saying that he could not express himself completely in the presence of his friends and family members, but writing made him feel that the world is a much better place. Aaron has also offered script doctoring services to many filmmakers for their blockbuster projects. He holds the credit of working on numerous television projects which spanned many years.


$80 Million


In the year 2005, he revived his famous play ‘A Few Good Men’, which was premiered at a theatre at London


Just two years after his supposed ‘de-addiction’ in 2001, he was arrested at the airport with marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms


In the year 1999, the second series written by him, called ‘Westwing’ went on air


Aaron’s stint with television began in the year 1998 with a comedy series called the ‘Sports Night’


He married his girlfriend Julia Bingham in the year 1996


In the year 1995, he checked into a rehab located in Minnesota, on the advice of his then girlfriend Julia Bingham to deal with his cocaine addiction


His most famous play, ‘A Few Good Men’, was adapted into a 1992 movie of the same name starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore


In 1988, the movie rights of Aaron’s famous play ‘A Few Good Men’ were bought by producer David Brown


In the year 1987, Sorkin fell in love with narcotics like cocaine and Marijuana


In 1983, he graduated from the Syracuse University, and struggled to make ends meet by taking up odd jobs such as handing out flyers, telegrams, driving limousines, and even bartending

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