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James Harris Simons

Net Worth is $14 Billion
23 December 2017   |   Scientists

James Harris Simons was born in Newton, American, is Mathematicians & Hedge Fund Manager. James Simons is an American mathematician and hedge fund manager who founded the famous Renaissance Technologi...

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Manjul Bhargava

Net Worth is $4 Billion
18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Manjul Bhargava was bornon 8 August 1974 in Hamilton, Canada, American, is Mathematician. Manjul Bhargava is a Canadian-American mathematician of Indian origin known for his contributions to number th...

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Robert Huber

Net Worth is $197.5 Million
17 February 2018   |   Scientists

Robert Huber was bornon 20 February 1937 in Munich, Germany, German, is Biochemist. Robert Huber is a German biochemist who was conferred with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1988 for determining the...

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Murray Gell-Mann

Net Worth is $153 Million
18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Murray Gell-Mann was bornon 15 September 1929 in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., American, is Physicist. Murray Gell-Mann is an American physicist, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in t...

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Richard Dawkins

Net Worth is $135 Million
23 March 2018   |   Scientists

Richard Dawkins was bornon 26 March 1941 in Nairobi, British, is Evolutionary Biologist. Richard Dawkins is an English ethologist and biologist who has made significant contributions to the field of e...

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Tim Berners-Lee

Net Worth is $50 Million
18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Tim Berners-Lee was bornon 8 June 1955 in London, British, is Inventor of the World Wide Web. Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a British computer scientist who invented what is undoubtedly one of the most revol...

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Samuel Colt

Net Worth is $15 Million
18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Samuel Colt was bornon 19 July 1814 in Hartford, Connecticut, United States, American, is Inventor. Samuel Colt was an American inventor and industrialist who designed and developed the world’s first...

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Kip Thorne

Net Worth is $12 Million
29 May 2018   |   Scientists

Kip Thorne was bornon 1 June 1940 in Logan, American, is Physicist. Kip Stephen Thorne is a renowned theoretical physicist who is considered among the leading experts on the subjects of gravitational...

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Robert Ballard

Net Worth is $10 Million
18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Robert Ballard was bornon 30 June 1942 in Wichita, Kansas, United States, American, is Deep Sea Explorer. Dr. Robert Ballard is among the most accomplished deep-sea explorers and is best known for the...

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Neil deGrasse Tyson

Net Worth is $1 Million
18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Neil deGrasse Tyson was bornon 5 October 1958 in Manhattan, American, is Astrophysicist. One of the most popular science communicators in the contemporary world, Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American ast...

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Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

Net Worth is $600 Thousand
29 March 2018   |   Scientists

Claude Cohen-Tannoudji was bornon 1 April 1933 in Constantine, Algeria, French, is Physicist. Claude Cohen-Tannoudji is a French physicist who won a share of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics. Known for...

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Bengt I. Samuelsson

Net Worth is $30 Thousand
18 May 2018   |   Scientists

Bengt I. Samuelsson was bornon 21 May 1934 in Halmstad, Sweden, Swedish, is Biochemist. Bengt I. Samuelsson is a Swedish biochemist, who, along with Sune K. Bergström and John R. Vane, won the 1982 No...

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