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Donovan Bailey

Net Worth is $1.3 Billion
18 January 2018   |   Sportspersons

Donovan Bailey was bornon 16 December 1967 in Manchester, Jamaica, Canadian, is Former Sprinter. Donovan Bailey is a Canadian former sprinter. He is an Olympic gold medalist who became the first Canad...

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Henry Lau

Net Worth is $1.12 Billion
18 January 2018   |   Singers

Henry Lau was bornon 11 October 1989 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Canadian, is Singer. Henry Lau, also known as Henry, is a multitalented Canadian. He is a singer, rapper, beatboxer, music composer, d...

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Shania Twain

Net Worth is $370 Million
18 January 2018   |   Singers

Shania Twain was bornon 28 August 1965 in Windsor, Canadian. Shania Twain, born Eilleen Regina Edwards, is a country pop singer made famous by her album, ‘The Woman in me’. She is one of the top best...

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John Turner

Net Worth is $247.7 Million
18 January 2018   |   Prime Ministers

John Turner was bornon 7 June 1929 in Richmond, Surrey, England, Canadian, is Former Prime Minister of Canada. John Napier Wyndham Turner served as the 17th Prime Minister of Canada. From track star t...

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Wayne Gretzky

Net Worth is $200 Million
25 January 2018   |   Sportspersons

Wayne Gretzky was bornon 26 January 1961 in Brantford, Canadian, is Ice Hockey Player. Wayne Gretzky is a former Canadian ice hockey player known as one of the best hockey players the game of Ice Hock...

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Robert Herjavec

Net Worth is $200 Million
18 January 2018   |   Writers

Robert Herjavec was bornon 14 September 1962 in Varaždin, Croatia, Canadian, is Business People. Robert Herjavec is a Canadian entrepreneur, a TV star, and the founder of The Herjavec Group, a fast-gr...

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Calum Worthy

Net Worth is $185 Million
27 January 2018   |   T V & Movie Producers

Calum Worthy was bornon 28 January 1991 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Canadian, is Actor, Writer, Producer. Disney’s prime star Calum Worthy, known globally for playing the hilarious role of...

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Mike Myers

Net Worth is $175 Million
22 May 2018   |   T V & Movie Producers

Mike Myers was bornon 25 May 1963 in Scarborough, Canadian, is Actor, Comedian, Writer, Film Producer, Film Director. Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star, Mike Myers has successfully managed to make the...

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William Shatner

Net Worth is $110 Million
19 March 2018   |   Theater Personalities

William Shatner was bornon 22 March 1931 in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Canadian, is Actor, Producer. William Shatner is a Canadian actor, singer, comedian. Shatner initially starte...

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Steve Nash

Net Worth is $95 Million
6 February 2018   |   Sportspersons

Steve Nash was bornon 7 February 1974 in Canadian. A reluctant celebrity and a brilliant basketball player, Steve Nash has become a household name in Canada. With a humble beginning as a university le...

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Ryan Gosling

Net Worth is $84 Million
18 January 2018   |   Film & Theater Personalities

Ryan Gosling was bornon 12 November 1980 in London, Ontario, Canada, Canadian. Ryan Thomas Gosling is a Canadian actor and director best known for playing the leading role in the romantic drama, ‘The...

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Chad Kroeger

Net Worth is $75 Million
18 January 2018   |   Singers

Chad Kroeger was bornon 15 November 1974 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada, Canadian, is Musician. Chad Kroeger is a Canadian singer and music producer, and the lead vocalist and guitarist in the popular rock...

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