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Kirsty Bertarelli

Net Worth is $9 Billion
18 January 2018   |   Singers

Kirsty Bertarelli was bornon 30 June 1971 in Staffordshire, England, British, is Former Miss UK, Wife of Ernesto Bertarelli. Kirsty Bertarelli is a British singer, songwriter and philanthropist who is...

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Net Worth is $7.2 Billion
8 January 2018   |   Leaders

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was bornon 9 January 1982 in Royal Berkshire Hospital, British, is The Duchess of Cambridge. A socialite, member of the royal family Kate Middleton is a great inspirati...

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Mike Ashley

Net Worth is $2.7 Billion
18 January 2018   |   Business People

Mike Ashley was bornon 9 September 1964 in Burnham, British, is Entrepreneur. Michael Ashley, the English entrepreneur dealing in sporting goods and clothing, is truly an extraordinary person. Some ca...

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Alan Sugar

Net Worth is $1.78 Billion
21 March 2018   |   Business People

Alan Sugar was bornon 24 March 1947 in London Borough of Hackney, British. Alan Michael Sugar, one of the best known British businessmen in the world is the founder of the highly successful electronic...

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Mo Ibrahim

Net Worth is $1.1 Billion
30 April 2018   |   Telecommunication

Mo Ibrahim was bornon 3 May 1946 in Sudan, British, is Entrepreneur. Dr Mohamed Mo Ibrahim is Sudanese-born British entrepreneur, who is popularly known as the telecommunication giant of the African c...

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Aga Khan IV

Net Worth is $1 Billion
18 January 2018   |   Spiritual & Religious Leaders

Aga Khan IV was bornon 13 December 1936 in Geneva, British, is Imam of Nizari Ismailism. Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan (IV) is a Swiss-born British business tycoon, as well as the 49th and cu...

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Damien Hirst

Net Worth is $1 Billion
18 January 2018   |   Miscellaneous

Damien Hirst was bornon 7 June 1965 in Bristol, British, is Artist. Damien Hirst is an English artist and entrepreneur who is most famous for his artworks of displays of dead animals and medicine cabi...

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Simon Fuller

Net Worth is $560 Million
14 May 2018   |   Business People

Simon Fuller was bornon 17 May 1960 in Cyprus, British, is Entrepreneur. Simon Fuller is one of the renowned celebrity mangers who earn fame by their creativity and hard work while staying behind the...

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Peter Jones

Net Worth is $560 Million
15 March 2018   |   Business People

Peter Jones was bornon 18 March 1966 in Maidenhead, British, is Entrepreneur. Peter Jones is a famous British entrepreneur who has given a new definition to the word 'ambition', and has proved to the...

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Queen Elizabeth II

Net Worth is $550 Million
18 April 2018   |   Historical Personalities

Queen Elizabeth II was bornon 21 April 1926 in Mayfair, London, British, is Queen of the United Kingdom. ‘Supreme Governor of the Church of England’ and ‘The Defender of the Faith’, Her Majesty Queen...

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Victoria Beckham

Net Worth is $450 Million
14 April 2018   |   Singers

Victoria Beckham was bornon 17 April 1974 in Harlow, Essex, England, British, is Singer, Businesswoman, Model, Fashion Designer. Victoria Caroline Beckham, popularly known as ‘Posh Spice’, is a former...

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Jamie Oliver

Net Worth is $400 Million
24 May 2018   |   Restaurateurs

Jamie Oliver was bornon 27 May 1975 in Clavering, U.K., British, is Chef and Restaurateur. Jamie Oliver is a famous British chef, restaurateur, author of cookery books, and media personality. The appe...

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